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New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2009

a photo prediction of my new year’s eve

cocktails. flirting shamelessly with hh. pearls still on straight.

handbag and shoe showdown with newport's finest cougars and kittens

hh seducing me school girl giddy

dj pumps out "safety dance". i can't contain myself..."ssss...aaaa.....fffff...eee"

mini dance floor break for fluids and hamstring stretching

amused by the oc hookers drunken debauchery. always an overturned purse, dropped cell, spilled valtrex bottle.

back to dance floor. interpretive dramatic hour.

pearls lost. head pounding. i hate new year's eve.

just a prediction. maybe everyone will cancel at the last minute, want to stay home, and we’ll play canasta. i’ll still get one hip shake to “men without hats”.

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December 29, 2009

lately i need earplugs for night’s silence; its mute heartbeat CLANGS in my ears keeping me from pastel dreamland.

parched eyeballs dry heave, weary from tv screens, books, magazines, and computers…..they are my new ineffectual sleeping aids.

i have taken the ambien path. an effective path. a path that garners at least 8 uninterrupted hours of quality slumber. a path paved with soothing, snug, seductive sheets; pillows that caress and cosset; bewitching and benevolent blankets doting away my sorrows, past and present. a path also paved with sparrows and rabbits (cartoon form) magically appearing to frolic and lullaby me to sleep. further down this loopy lane i’ll find myself plucking sweet peas and tulips from my nightgown with which i’ll then fashion into the most beautiful bouquet. but not before i’ll have a final 48 minutes of total and complete amnesia.

yes, i wake up refreshed. i also wake up to ninety-eight new facebook friends, a missing jar of costco size peanut butter, and a one broken heel on my favorite kate spade pumps.


so, i’m off the ambien route, and back to valerian, warm tea (yes the herbal kind!!!), and counting golden retrievers.

resolution #1: find (non-amy winehouse) sleep remedy

happy wednesday loves.

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party girl

December 29, 2009

parties give me a turn.

although i have every intention of belle-ing it up, by the fourth round of it’s kind of like pilates, i’m ready to lie in front of the next oncoming speeding train. i can’t remedy this anxiety. i’m most certainly a social person. i can’t love enough on the men and women who bag my groceries. the secrets spilled during my venti drip acquisitions would make you blush (dylan at peet’s i own you for life)……….baristas are fabulous raconteurs.

but why is it at a party twenty plus, no matter how pretty my dress, i end up tucking away (usually with a dog), or leaving early feeling rotten, blue, and incompetent.

i envy you butterflies who’s wings expand with the crowd.

we went to an engagement party this weekend. dear friends. practically family. my heart did a toe-touch i was so happy to see them. an hour later i was looking for a bed to hide under.

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Something shiny

December 28, 2009

the melancholy monday.

aft days of mirth and merrymaking, morning seems earlier and gruffer. the air has lost its buzz and hum.

a little shimmer and twinkle can always nudge a spring in my step, take me into fairy princess world where everything can be cured with a little glitter and a long, pretty dress.

so here’s a little sparkle for your spirit. flicker wherever you are, and dazzle ‘em for the rest of your day.

milkteef, fashion gone rogue, sea of shoes, beautyliesintheeye, sarah kaye, living etc.,

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good tidings to all

December 25, 2009

let your heart be light.

love, katie

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scratch that santa

December 24, 2009

i knew those fendi shoes were over the top!!! even cruelty free they still were an asshole thing to ask for.

so santa, on hands and knees, because in all seriousness if i do stand i vomit, i revise my grown-up xmas list. this year i ask for a settled stomach and 98.6 degree temperature. i yearn for at least 6 uninterrupted hours of heave free sleep, and food and water i only have to taste once. santa can you ask your elves to please whip me up a potent elixir to obliterate this which has demon taken over my body? i know tis the season to be welcoming and charitable, but whatever bug/virus i seemed to have caught needs to find another muthafuckin christmas hostess.

merry. merry. bleh.

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December 23, 2009

on hands and knees i’ve remained for the last twenty-four hours. as of press time i’ve thrown up 31 times.

water, perrier, 7-up, orange crush, orange juice, root beer; nothing is taming this bug. i wish i could actually enjoy this trip down carbonation lane.

if anyone has any holiday weight they need to lose, feel free to come make out with me. i’ll only charge you a bottle of pepto bismo.

that’s all for now. off to hang with my new friend mr. kohler.

might be

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my grown up xmas list

December 22, 2009

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can’st give me

just in case he IS checking his list twice here is what i would be asking for if we lived in that magical world where friends weren’t sick, parents didn’t fret over bills, animals frolicked freely, a soldier’s watch was limited to his sleeping child, and our earth pumped out big gulps of clean, unpolluted air.

alas, this world eludes me. yet. till then, here’s my shameless, materialistic christmas list.

i'd like a piece of art by matthew heller

i fancy a side yard with this garden and shed.

an outdoor patio and fireplace fit for humans and beasts

la-la-love this lanvin necklace

i'd like a national mandate for naptime (all ages) please.

trust me. i'll find somewhere to wear them.

girls trip to nantucket

seriously? would 4 dogs be THAT much nuttier than 3???

i'd like to be julianne moore for a day. ginormous girl crush!!!!

stella's stealing my heart with this chamois canvas hobo

floor seats at a killers concert

a glow facial from christine chin spa

a glow facial from christine chin spa

grand? i think so. but tis just a wish list. health, peace of mind, safety, and a better world nix fendi shoes all day long.

have a jolly tuesday!

images: troy house, country living, coastal living, net-a-porter, paul costello, frank w. ockenfels, flickr.

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lighting up my heart with joy!!!!

December 21, 2009

volume up friends.

this is what the beasts and i are dance partying around to this morning (thank you chuck).

YouTube Preview Image

rumps shaking and breathless we managed to give a goat.

the striking resemblance to the dairy buck sent truman into quite a rattled and distressed state. convinced we were paypal-ing HIM to a Ugandan, AIDS ravaged community, upon where he’d be milked daily and impregnated yearly, truman has stowed himself somewhere in the house hiding from us evil slave traders. two hours now and no truman.

sawyer, priscilla and i will continue to dance in efforts to draw brother out.

goat-like truman

happy monday loveys!!!

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xmas inspiration

December 18, 2009

can it really only be one more week? (sad sigh)

regretfully, i’ve yet to feel the fa la la.

even with a tree that would resurrect liberace, boughs of holly decking my halls, and celine dion feliz navidad-ing me  every four hours on sirius radio (the only way french-canadien chanteuses can) i still can’t get into the holiday humor.

usually a couple “o holy nights”,

a whiff of belle fleur neroli pine,

and a few venti drips in the “special” cup

and i’m ready to ho ho ho.

but so far. bleh.

it’s time to bring in hollywood.

the following films never fail to jingle my jolly buttons. i usually watch them on or the day before christmas. but you know what they say: desperate times call for cuter outfits!!

here are my best-loved holiday humdingers.

"scrooged"....had to use this shot since it's my favorite scene (big smile).

have to say…..just amassing the movies and links (click the images for film info) is getting me into a one horse open sleigh kinda mood.

have a ring-a-ling, hear them sing weekend friends.

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