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Something shiny

December 28, 2009

the melancholy monday.

aft days of mirth and merrymaking, morning seems earlier and gruffer. the air has lost its buzz and hum.

a little shimmer and twinkle can always nudge a spring in my step, take me into fairy princess world where everything can be cured with a little glitter and a long, pretty dress.

so here’s a little sparkle for your spirit. flicker wherever you are, and dazzle ’em for the rest of your day.

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good tidings to all

December 25, 2009

let your heart be light.

love, katie

scratch that santa

December 24, 2009

i knew those fendi shoes were over the top!!! even cruelty free they still were an asshole thing to ask for.

so santa, on hands and knees, because in all seriousness if i do stand i vomit, i revise my grown-up xmas list. this year i ask for a settled stomach and 98.6 degree temperature. i yearn for at least 6 uninterrupted hours of heave free sleep, and food and water i only have to taste once. santa can you ask your elves to please whip me up a potent elixir to obliterate this which has demon taken over my body? i know tis the season to be welcoming and charitable, but whatever bug/virus i seemed to have caught needs to find another muthafuckin christmas hostess.

merry. merry. bleh.

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