resolution time.

i detest these silly things. i detest uncomfortable shoes. yet i still wear them.

i am resolute to make the following things happen this year:

drink more water

remember to channel anna mouglalis when choosing the day's accoutrements

more dance parties in the kitchen

pretty up my inspiration wall

i will spiffy up our guests rooms so they are fetching and fair.

keep the crow's feet off my perch, and get back on a regular dermaplane routine.

my "hiding out" alone time will get just as much priority as teeth brushing.

kisses and kind words, rather than poisonous gossip, should be the only alms i offer with my lips.

lavender and gravel the whole muthafucking backyard

try to close my eyes to the bullshit i can't control

you dears? what are you resolute to change? i hope nothing because i adore you all exactly the way you are. yes, brandi even you with that giant herp on you face.

happy new year loves.


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