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happy weekend

February 26, 2010

only three more weeks of winter white. i want to store up the cold like nickels in a ceramic pig. giddy is me seeing my breath in the pitch black morning air.

although, maybe i am ready to whisk away this winter coat?

i am suffering a knotty stomach still, from ill behavior of nights long passed.

gossip girl. me. dreadful. not even a clever one either.

i had been invited to a small group of fabulous women with fabulous hair. feeling wee, pedestrian, and unsure of myself i uncomfortably asked about an item of possible town tabloid as my way of cavorting with these prettier, wittier, and more exceptional girls from private schools. luckily they had more class than miserable me. shut my gross attempt to “fit in” down right away. they don’t play that way. no wonder i wanted to be in their group………

hope you all have a lovely weekend.

in the spirit of keeping things classy, i’m sending you off with victoria.




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take the time

February 25, 2010

if you can take twelve minutes. hear and watch something truly beautiful. nothing to learn or know. just experience and be. so nice to not “have to do” anything. after i watching this short little film, benches, trees, buildings, stairways…they all became cinematic stunning to me. from the 8 minute mark on……breathtaking.

The Third & The Seventh (make sure you full screen it)

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oh miss emma

February 24, 2010

emma watson’s new earth friendly clothing line is almost ready to debut. titled “love from emma” and launched by peopletree, this all organic and fair trade line looks british prep school, meets hippie chic. i cannot wait. the 30-page catalog will be available any day.

until then i gathered some of my most favorite photos of pretty miss watson. she’s always tickled me pink. every year emma has acted and dressed her age. beautifully. no hurry to hussy it up. she’s grown into the prettiest of actresses. and i have a hunch she will continue this captivating path; not rushing the years ahead of her like so many others have done.

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ladylike tuesday

February 23, 2010

today i’m going to pretend i’m a lady who lunches.

the tops of my ears will balance perfectly over my shoulders, hip bones paralleled beneath.

ferragamo flats.

cornelia james’ gloves

i will cultivate charisma and allurement.

and i will master the art of looking pensive, beautiful, and unavailable.

a tout a l’heure……

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off i go

February 22, 2010

goodbye weekend. good riddance to pity.

nothing like a visit with adored aunt charla to send the scary sadness away.

grilled cheese and homemade lentil soup help too.

new week. fresh start. favorite detests the mopey; he’s always commanded a certain dignity. a characteristic his two siblings consistently and miserably fail to supply.

i ferociously ride into this headwind of hurt with my heart lifted high, shoulders square, wearing my sincerest smile.

i get to love.

that’s not just icing. that’s icing and rainbow sprinkles.

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happy weekend

February 19, 2010

this weekend i need a roomy shirt. a long, loose shirt with stretched sleeves.

a shirt i can leave untucked so i don’t fret about a stomach not sucked in.

sleeves to hide freakish goosebumps. whom appear even when doppler reads 80 degrees. warm (to some).

this weekend i hope to wear a mint green scarf of low blood pressure.

i’m going for a bit of a drive. happily. a treasure chest awaits me. i will gladly stay to the right of everyone else. listening to her, breathing in……

breathing out.

favorite and i will read. feel like i’m missing pages or worse a soul. i need an emotional socket converter because i’m not feeling anything yet, and (oh my) the story is sad. i read. unmoved.

{yet, i saw a pigeon in a parking garage wednesday night, and i boo hooed for 30 minutes straight, imagining he was stuck there away from his family.}

we’re waiting for the next available bed at the local sanitarium.

my mind lately is one loud pinball machine. bang bang. bounce bounce.

i want watercolor emotions just for a month…..

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DVF-fall 2010

February 18, 2010

“i always wanted to live a man’s life in a woman’s body;”

read diane von furstenberg’s program for her fall 2010 show.

oh how fun it would be to live it in these splendid duds?!

here’s to keeping your thursday girly, flirty and strong like a……woman.

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winter dance

February 17, 2010

punxsutawney phil’s shadow sighting says we’re in for 5 more weeks of winter.

bring it on.


tis the problem with living in la la land; where 64 degrees clads me in scarves, puffers, and hats with poms poms. i crave winter weather. snow days? i wish. the only reason people take days off here is to recover from their face-lifts.

yesterday, a temperature of 80 degrees beckoned all things bikini and beach cruiser.

i don’t have the proper mood to match all this silly sun.

go away brightness!!! you are the mailman at whom i bark.

arf!! arf!! arf!!! grrrrrrrrrrr!

images here

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February 16, 2010

this weekend we found out favorite has cancer.

i have nothing to say. there aren’t words, sentences, poems, photos which equal my sawyer’s sweetness. i cry stupid, pointless tears.

it’s in his lungs.

he has no idea. nothing hurts.

the tail keeps flopping on that damn hardwood floor.

mommy has a new bed downstairs with sawyer. the doctor doesn’t know how long. he is old. he has put up with insulin shots twice a day for the last 6 years.

we wait until the tail stops wagging.

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whistle while you work

February 15, 2010

i could so embrace my inner stepford with this new, hip houseware line.

alice supply co. was started right here in my town by the lovliest two ladies. inspired by kate spade and trina turk this fab duo has turned out great fun in toilet plungery and pans o’dust.

even more exciting! come springtime there’s talk of ping-pong paddles, hammers, screwdrivers, and gardening tools. they’re thinking nautical, navy-white stripe. i’m thinking crap! now i might actually have to help out around the house.

don’t you agree, though? chores will be so much yummier with lime-green and rainbow stripes!!

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