nothing to see here, move along. no shiny, twirly, tippy-toe news.

i have a sneeze that wakes me up every morning now, come two a.m. just one sneeze. he’s polite that way. if sneeze’s had accents his would most definitely sound british.

ah chew.

nathaniel winthorp chesterfield scratchy nose then scurries off until the next time i’m in dreamland, where he wakes me anon.

tis not pesty, although once i’m awoken i’d have greater chance throwing down half court for the lakers than falling quickly back to sleep.

so i read. waiting to be moved. hoping rather.

lately all my reads have had an overall chapstick flavor. not wretched, not grand. happily tolerable. {note i did not say cherry}

maybe it’s just my mood still. a general matte finish upon everything i perceive. matte finish can be comely you know?

i must say, though, last night’s dinner of chardonnay and peanut m &m’s, candy colored in all shades of girl, was terribly delightful!!

so fa-la-la to that!

happy thursday!