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happy weekend

May 28, 2010

what are your plans for this weekend of remembrance?

hh and i have our swanky-pants wedding where we’ll attempt grown up games.

then i’m hoping for the rest of the weekend to resemble this vignette. (i’d even pay extra for the hair).

this is a little shoot shirley manson and elijah wood did for oliver peoples sunglasses. it looks like the perfect weekend.

clicking my champagne glass to you friend!!

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wedding weekend

May 27, 2010

hh and i have a fancy schmancy wedding weekend.

i’ve never met these people. nonetheless, i will still bawl like a hungry baby once i hear that first note of pachelbel. it lumps me every. single. time.

funny though, i didn’t have canon d at our nuptials.

ah! squeak! twirl! swoon!!! i walked to this.

what      to     wear          ?

i’m on a spending freeze.

but hopefully closet has something which swishes and swirls and plays well with sparkly.

hope you have a shimmering, shining thursday loves!

image: can’t remember where i found it, but would definitely get me out my spending freeze…..

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in other news….

May 26, 2010

yikes, a little late posting today, but i’ve got a good excuse!!

yippee skippy!!!

i can hardly enclose the elation!!

my sweet friend, alexei, got me lots of public squawk today.

{the good kind…not the ugly, blind item nasty stuff}

holy smokes, i’m silly flattered and gleefully giddy.

yet, i also feel like wrapping myself in three bathrobes, hiding back my closet, lights turned off, in a deep, breathable suitcase.


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tuesdays are for…

May 25, 2010

tuesdays are for…..

tip toes.


tissue paper skirts.

jasmine tea in porcelain fancy cups.

taking a cat nap with a puppy.

two-stepping in gingham.

tunes by josh.

turning the tide.

tears of gratitude.

tuesdays are for soul dilation.


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california dreaming

May 24, 2010

good morning sunshine.

my lips still yearn for creamy, coconut, costa rican cocktails, but my california palms sweetened out their span extra wide today.

welcome home!

work recommences. alarms are reset. vitamins are taken (again).

i didn’t bring home a tan (spf 800). or souvenirs (the beasts don’t need any more shot glasses).

i did bring home a hunky hubby whose a little less eyebrow furrowed and a little more sillier in spirits.

for me i haven’t figured it out yet. i’m rested, yes.

but i feel like i forgot to bottle up the peace piece of mind i had found underwater last week.

i get caughtupinthemomentandiforgettosaveitforlater.

i’m going to find sometime today to go back out with the palm trees. they seem to have the right attitude:

wiggle waggle in the sunshine, open up your arms to all!

happy monday.


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a geisha says “goodbye”

May 21, 2010

silly girl who wrangled her hh’s elbow away from the computer as he locked in a 7 day reservation.

one week?!??! so looooooooong?!?! baby i’ll never survive.

body thrown against the floor, fists and feet pounding into the hardwood, tantruming out a compromise of 4 days instead.

hh got his seven days. i got a bruised tibia.

he’s back at the computer again, i’m a cricket on his shoulder hoping he’ll mistake a button or so, and denature us into costa rican citizens.

i can feel the despondent three year old awaken in my belly as hh gets that suitcase out for us to pack.

the 34 year old is starts to plot another spectacle (maybe public this time) where i slobber & fit my displeasure at the nearing departure.

this longing to stay away is new for me. i’m sure delta is surprised they haven’t heard from me this time trying to arrange an earlier flight home.

those first words from our driver, “costa rica, here. we don’t have a military,” induced my first non-shallow breath for months. i’m somewhere where i don’t need protection. i can be loving and nice and trusting. no monsters.

from then on my week was baked in thick turquoise and gold. sleep so deep, screened porch furniture would change places during the night’s storms, but not a hair on my head would be unmoved from when i laid it down ten hours earlier. sometimes eleven,

hh. well our meals were more like tournaments of laughter. we start with the giggles. move into snorts, have a little guffaw with tea, and then end in full on bend over our chairs soundless hyena hysteria. no wonder we always got the table outside.

adios costa rica. hola california.

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popsicles poolside

May 20, 2010

i exhaled any last remnants of grief into the bottom of the pool this afternoon.

my toes are now webbed from the time spent eeling and dolphining my way back and forth under the bridge from hh’s chair to my secret alcove of imaginary fish friends.

splash splash all day long. swimming away from all the monsters back home.

just like it’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open, i’m incapable of swimming without grinning ear to ear; especially the deeper the water. maybe that’s why the “adult pool” suddenly morphed into the “katie pool” as the day passed.

no bother to me. such a pity the others are missing such a wonderful underwater party. everyone looks beautiful and feels weightless subaquatic. we i just bounce around all day with my own personal snuggly undersea trampoline. i make floppy flips, splashy backward somersaults, shimmy out a number or two from grease 2, and bee-bop to the steel drum band at the bar.

utterly exhausted. a respite: drying out under the cabana for rest, reprieve, and re-fueling for the afternoon’s repeat sessions.

start to notice though there weren’t any patrons for the latter performances.

hmmmm? maybe next time something more recent, like teen witch?

bringing home silly for souvenirs.

accessory for summer is the uncontrollable giggle.

if you don’t have one, get thee one now!


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a dip

May 19, 2010

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sultry nights

May 18, 2010

rum, rum wherever you are. rum away from all your fears and cares.

languid meals lit by candles. slow motion camera as he lifts his wine glass from table to lips.

pinot noir smiling out the corners of his mouth.

pinot noir kisses when the waiter isn’t looking.

legs curled under my hips fashion a sofa into a love seat.

how silly of us not to eat with toothpicks at home.

here, can i offer you another plantain dunked in honey, honey?

misty rain calls for bare feet; no matter how pretty your party dress may be.

the wet tiles are still warm the day’s sweltering heat in the shade.

off to dream under a swirling fan, in a pitch black room, listening to thunder and waves bowl for strikes.


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alex owens goes to rica

May 17, 2010

this is how i appear to hh after 3 mojitos.

i, on the other hand, am having a grand time with apricot ice teas. no sweetener.

it’s raining today. loud, hot, aquamarine rain.

costa rica doesn’t have a military. they have rain. rain commands presence and pomp.

it’s a rain which beckons my hands overhead, and ignites me into a prance fest. i prance round, round and round in circles; my stringy, long, black hair whipping me in the mouth and face trying to catch the wet, disco beat.

bystanders and patrons watching, mouths ajar at my audacity and ability to shimmy shoulders so saucily right and left. a writhe that can only come from japanese/irish genetics.

it’s my way of thanking the rain gods for the welcome pour.

tomorrow i plan to make good on my promise of a poolside interpretation of jennifer beals’ “what a feelin“.

anything to keep the gods happy. it’s just my way. nothing says pleasing your creator like crawling on fours in a bikini.

happy monday.

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