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junket o’ jolly

November 22, 2010


hh and i are officially on vacation!

a week’s worth of twirling, kissing, and smiling.

restoration commenced.

my heart swells, my mind quiets, an unyielding spirit emerges.


every hour i am closer to who i am meant to be.



happy weekend

November 19, 2010

dears, what’s on your weekend docket?

last night’s tea-spoon serving of sleep has me nutty for a nap.

i’m already lining up a giant, non-stop, shut-eye marathon.

i can’t complain. last evening’s late night revelry was joshua radin induced.

hunky hubby and i had hollywood date night (courtesy of my friend mrs. burns) at the music box for our favorite singer/songwriter.

i’m not sure if it was the live music or the time with hh outside our pocket of pattern, but even with the snippet of sleep, i have recovered a stirring of spirit which had been astray.

off to the weekend i go, a sparkle in my heart restored.




ella poe

November 18, 2010

giddy up for me! last month, at a trunk show, i had the pleasure of meeting uber-talented jewelry designer danielle birrittella of ella poe.

i had seen ella poe jewelry in magazines, worn by celebrities and in editorials, but seeing the jewelry in person and actually trying it on made me crazy-cake intent on getting the word out about this stunning line.

each piece, handcrafted in gold and precious stone, is inspired by danielle’s worldly and exotic life experiences.

danielle was raised in a hindu ashram, but has traveled extensively. every piece, each more beautiful than the next, reflects her respect for ritual, sacred objects, and adornment.



there are four beautiful collections: constellations, lucky charms, relics and prayer.

each delicate and precious piece tells a deeper story of she who wears it.

i don’t wear much jewelry, but when i do i like to wear something with a bit more tenor than how it matches my dress.

for example, these bacterian and emerald earrings, although designed with a greek and indian flavor, resemble dream catchers: a native american object where one’s dreams (only the good ones) are snatched and incarnated. all of the jewelry teems with this type of rich subtext.

i’ve barely scratched the splendid surface. please visit danielle’s website to see more of her divine work.

currently she is offering new clients a 15% off discount….just in time for the holidays.

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