Entries from February 2011

man down

February 23, 2011

day 3 of flu.


balls to zinc lozenges, echinacea, zicam, and coconut water.

carry on.

go ahead. call animal services….

February 22, 2011

but last week’s vet check-up was not pretty.

truman is “fat”.

priscilla is not svelte.

a soundtrack of shame booms throughout the house.

we are headed back to the ranch.

priscilla insisted i take a before picture.

wish us luck.

a new york minute

February 21, 2011

scenes from a weekend

hunkiest channeling helmut newton.

one enchanted evening indeed. cue the lights a’twinkle.

a bride brighter than the shiniest of chandeliers.


a soirée befit for zelda and f. scott.



the felines.


debauchery and dancing at the boom boom room….as well as a jason wu sighting.

can you say swoon?

redemption at the bowery.

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