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scenes from a weekend

June 27, 2011

this weekend, summer officially started her sun-sprouting engine in california.

shoes came off, knees were bared, frolic ensued.

here’s a glimpse of how it went down here.

friday date nights call for silk scarves and red lips.

hunkiest and i tried out the newest, local oyster bar.

red for him, sparkly with a fancy garnish for me.

unfortunately neither of us losers eat oysters, luckily we had other options.

fish and chips for him {he at his fish…i ate his “chips”} and copper river salmon for me!! the last of the season!

if you’ve never had copper river salmon, please try it next year. it’s only available {fresh} four weeks a year. and YES, it is that good.

post seafood sweet.

i limit myself to toppings. and only the crap kind.

saturday we strolled the coast-lined streets of our azure-skied town.

sunday morning coffees and pastries with the beast.

sunday, bloody mary, sunday night.

we beckoned the naughty vamps to come out and play.

a fine finale to a grand weekend.

so far, summer’s holding the promise of sun, sultry and romp.

ching ching!

monday happy to you m’loves.

*all photos: goodniteirene.wordpress.com

weekend happy

June 24, 2011

what a week m’loves?!

this morning i’ve officially cried “uncle buck”.

i’m strapping on my skates, and grooving back into simpler times this weekend.

wanna join?

YouTube Preview Image

we can chrissy snow and jack tripper ourselves down to the regal beagle where hijinks and clowning are king, rifts and wires-crossed pack the punch of a pillow case and family feuds last the length of a blink.

well, that’s where hunkiest and i will be.

{to be honest, that’s where we like to live}

see you on the other side of sunday.

grilled cheese thursday

June 23, 2011



sweet peas.

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