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soaking in every last drop

August 31, 2011

sun is shining. weather is sweet. make you wanna move your dancing feet.

  ~bob marley

       summer is winding down her sultry, breathe-easy visit. i will be sad to see her go.
are you savoring each sunny moment like i am?

share with me how you’re squeezing the last of summer’s sweet juice into your cup?

wednesday happy m’loves.

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now that we’ve all seen it…

August 30, 2011

who else is dying to copycat this with me?

c’mon! i’m thinking late night, alt style?

i know mel would be game.

who else?

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scenes from a sunday

August 29, 2011

in the words of martha & the vandella’s, it was a heat wave!

hh, the beast and i took to the streets to keep cool and soak in the seaside life.

i love many things about my street: the big trees, the wide blocks, the whites pickets, but even after 12 years of residency, i still gallop giddy over the front door, ocean view.

we took our favorite loop with the beast: a jaunt down to pacific coast highway to see what newport’s fanciest were up to.

we never quite make it passed our A market without a stop for “provisions”.




we capped off a sunday dinner down at the sand.

louie the crab.

a hot august night indeed.

and just like that it was gone: today we woke to a thick, fog bank so heavy our neighbor’s front door has disappeared.

share with me the snapshots of your weekend m’loves? you know how much i adore hearing from you.

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