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scenes from a weekend

April 23, 2012

monday morning lovely to you my darlings.

tell me you made happy on your weekend endeavors.

i spent the bulk of my weekend, and will be spending the next 8, in the pilates studio continuing my next training.

good grief, i am silly sore.

but mostly from laughing. i’m sure we could bust this certification in half if we all would just stop talking and giggling, but i know it wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

here’s a glimpse of my weekend nonsense:

the saturday antics have begun! danielle and i begin our sport’s illustrated photo sesh plank-pose style.

we work our way around the studio using different props and poses, angles and lighting.

camera-shy jaime hides in the back….

hijinks and folly aside, there is a ton of work to do….AND memorize.

post class i’m off for my grande drip and flash card drills. i attempt to commit the new material to memory until the dinner bell rings.

sunday morning i manage a little hh time, where my new mary jo matsumoto bag gets to come out and play. 

i couldn’t resist the newport harbor soft tote. it just screamed take me! take me!

sunday afternoon it was back to the studio for more transverse abdominus and tomfoolery.

five and a half hours of doing the same 10 exercises over and over and over again can make a group of six go patty hearst.

thank god for nail polish….again mary jo matsumoto….

it’s amazing what a strong core can allow one to do…..i watched a girl curl up, twist to the right, AND paint her nails!?

and the true reinforcements:…….candy chocolate covered peanuts from sprouts.

although my back feels like it needs a permanent brace, it was truly a weekend happy.

tell me m’loves what rang your jolly bell this weekend?

weekend love, earth day happy, & a serenade for your ears….

April 20, 2012

weekend sweetest to you m’loves.

have you been counting the hours, stairsteps and eye flutters until the final bell rings your week entired?

are there earth day jubilations on your horizon?

will there be extra recycling, composting or tree planting this sunday?

or do you already commemorate earth day in your day-to-day life?

i would love to consider myself a devout apostle to my earth mother; living my life only to make her a better place, but let’s face it: i’m super lazy. i do what i can.

sucking down a kale smoothie on sunday will most likely be my part of the earth day festivities.

i do try though.

i’ll start with my house. the household cleansers, laundry detergents, etc all are eco-friendly.

i make sure all of my cosmetics are cruelty-free.

i hate when lights are left on in an empty room, or plugs used unnecessarily {fodder if ever there is marriage counseling}.

paper towels and paper napkins are forbidden unless it’s an absolute emergency.

and we purchase organic food and products {vitamins, household items etc} 95% of the time. of course i bring my own bags.

easy to do when it’s just the two of us….

oh AND i will probably only drive a prius for the rest of my life….i’m on my second one and it’s the best car i’ve ever driven. i can’t wait until they come out with the electric version. woo to the hoo!

YouTube Preview Image

i leave you with my new favorite song.

it will go perfect with our 80 degree weather we’re expecting this weekend…..if you’re in beautiful southern california.

actually it is the loveliest lullaby for wherever you live.

wishing you peace and love.

see  you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

things that make you go…..

April 19, 2012





um? yeah.


photographic proof: in less than a week, that minx is eating yet another foreign object.

this time the infamous stripper feathers took the fall.


we’re exploring the idea of boarding school for priscilla.

thursday happy to you m’loves.

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