tuesday happy to you m’loves. 

here are a few items tickling my whack-a-doo brain:

the construction of an icelandic women’s prison is currently under design review. resembling more the cogs of a watch rather than the depths of hell, the holmsheidi women’s penitentiary is modeled to bring in light and greenery, the idea being that architecture doesn’t have to be completely punishing. 


i’m not sure i even need to see the movie now. i will. but this trailer is pretty amazing in itself.

after two “meh” novels, i’m on to a new summer read. it’s my second east coast, heavily WASPY story in a row. seating arrangements by maggie shipstead is a fun satire of family relationships, exploring both the lovely and the thorny parts of that tricky rose. 

speaking of books, i am ga-ga over the new tumblr: matchbook.nuwhere “bikinis meet their match.” literally.

kate imbach has cleverly and playfully jibed book covers and bathing suits. the result: pure fun.

lastly, i haven’t really watched the olympics yet, but this makes me want to find the next javelin match.

are they called matches?

see you tomorrow.