i struggle at many things.

pedicures for one.

i suck at pedicures.

even with navy seal precision, and tongue-out-of-my-mouth concentration, my toes still look as if i painted them blindfolded. and drunk.

and no matter how careful i am when i pay someone else to lacquer my feet {is this the biggest scam in the entire world or what?} i still manage to stub, smash & smear said glossies en route to my parked car. forget about betting on vegas black, put your money on my lincoln park after dark smudging every time i enamel my toes. the odds are in your favor. 


i’m also terrible at changing a duvet cover.

a household chore both profanity inventing and so sweat producing, i count it as one of my cardio days. the cat and mouse chase between me and those four unruly, fugitive duvet corners render my heart rate at 85% or above every time. i even have a playlist on my ipod for this 45-60 minute anaerobic, muscle-cramping endeavor.

but when i think of all of my truly wretched incapablilities, asking for help is where i rank the lowest.


aaaaaaaaahHHHH!! just writing those words makes me want to throw up.


 i just vomited a little in my mouth.


but i’m asking for your help nonetheless. 

on march 2nd i will be participating in cycle for survival, a charity indoor cycling ride to beat rare cancers: ovarian, brain, thyroid, leukemia, uterine, pancreatic, pediatric, etc.

rare cancers make up 50% of all diagnosed cancers. 

why am I personally doing this? last friday my teammates and i made this video:

sorry for the tears, but this ride has became ten thousand times more precious to me with the news that my sweet friend, jen miller, is fighting stage 4 cervical cancer.

it is the greatest honor of my career to have been chosen as one of the instructors to lead this amazing ride, where every single cent goes directly to Memorial Sloan-Kettering for their world famous cancer research. although such a privilege to ride among so many of my admired peers, i’d trade it all if it meant we could get my jen and all the rest of those fighting this monster of a disease, cancer free. 

here is how the ride goes down 

did you hear what they said?

the pace at which they are making progress is faster {than the doctor has seen} in 30 years.

more than half of the dollars comes from philanthropic funds such as cycle for survival

so here i am asking pleading, rather, for your help.

i would truly, madly, be ever so grateful for any donation you could give to our ride.


no contribution is too small.

anonymous donations are more than welcome, although i won’t be able to personally thank you.

and i completely understand if a monetary donation is not feasible right now, but if you could help spread the word with me {email, tweet, facebook, sky-write, etc.,} i’ll be most indebted and obliged to you. our team, oc spin, is trying to raise $30,000 by march 2nd {the day of the big ride.}

there are many ways to donate:

my personal ride

the team’s ride

a general donation to the cause.

this isn’t about me or a competition to raise the most money, it’s about beating cancer. so wherever, however you choose to help is so appreciated. if you’re still even reading this post i owe you a giant “thank you.”


let’s beat cancer together m’loves!

from the bottom of my beholden heart, THANK YOU and so, so, so much love.