it’s said that “we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.”

if this rings true find me a leash/collar combination in kelly green, and order my eukanuba kibble in vegetarian flavor.

lately i’ve felt more fluent in tail-wag and golden retriever than in american woman in her 30’s. 


yet a micro bite of bond here and there, such as a parking garage chat at the gym, a thumb cramping text conversation, a car phone call so juicy i park the car only having to move it mid conversation for fear of getting a ticket for over staying my “one hour,” or a hashtag love affair on twitter so blatant i get messages from well intentioned nosey strangers asking me about the health of my marriage; this is just enough quota of connection to fill my friendship flute with bubbles of happy.


no it’s not long lunches, or weekend trips to the desert. i don’t do “girls nights” very often; maybe twice a year, and i’m usually home before 9pm. 

but these kinships are still just as treasured. 

so how do you choose your pack? your posse? your tribe?

or do they choose you?

how in these days of etch-a-sketch schedules do you carve out enough time for your connections?

monday happy to you m’loves {my own posse.}