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why the happy dance?

September 23, 2013


why am i writhing, supine, cackling like a baby, double bottle-fisted with his mama’s warm milk?


that’s right kids.

it’s here:

light up those scented, sugar cookie candles and stow away the gardenia-heavy perfume; it’s time to find your fall.


saturday we purchased our pumpkins; we’re the last peeps on the street to take down our christmas tree, might as well be the first ones with pumpkins on the stoop.


this weekend the darker skies arrived a bit earlier; revealing a magnificent, wise, harvest moon.

fall hatches a poise and practicality that lacks come summertime; june through august we gadabout and celebrate the whimsical & oftentimes careless part of our complexions.

now is the time for hunkering down, finishing tolstoy, and dusting off the beach pit grime from our suntanned brain cells.


pretty soon rubber flip-flops will make way for leather boots; skimpy, strappy tanks bypassed for chunky, thick knit sweaters.

fall fashion is undeniable.


autumn is the time to curl up with someone, a beast, or just a book, and burrow into a corner somewhere under a warm, flannel blanket; ignoring chores, emails and to-do lists.


and let’s not forget tailgating.

fill that thermos with cider-hot, and pack a picnic chock full of golden, sweet anjou pears and crispy pippin apples, all at their peak.


are you a fool for fall too?

what are your favorite ingredients in this spicy, cozy season.

happiness is…..

September 19, 2013

“a table, a chair, a bowl of fruit, and a violin. what else does a man need to be happy?”

~albert einstein


last week i received a text asking me how i’m “dealing with all your {my} sadness.”


for a bit i was sure the sender had mis-sent his message.

sadness? not me. not here. not in these new peach & blue tennies.

sure there are less than let’s be braggy circumstances in my life; but don’t we all have bad-hair days best kept covered under a baseball cap?

 things and events, blissful or depressing, are not who i am, what i believe in, or how i treat others.

i can’t change the people or circumstances around me, but i can change how i respond to them.

and lately i my response has been “happiness.”

when i really open my eyes, happiness seeps in like the sweet, home-made cookie aroma from our local bakery; inebriating and undeniable, my smile and gratitude can’t be suppressed.

it’s the little things; the wee, sometimes superficial, but nonetheless mirth-producing facts in my life that keep me in a coffee cup runneth over state.

here’s a look at where i’ve found happiness this week:


happiness is a manicure and pedicure.

my last visit to the nail salon occurred in 2012, so my fingers and toes were third-world country neglected.

happy be me when the producers of my last shoot offered, suggested, “forced” me to get my nails done on their bill; double win.

my go-to polish is always “naked state of mind” by mary jo matsumoto….it’s the perfect beige/pink combo bite, and it lasts forever.

stay tuned for more mary jo matsumoto praise. her new fall bags are out, and they’re a must buy!


my hands were a little trickier. i succumbed to the gel OPI manicure because inadvertently, even if i’m put under anesthesia and covered with cement in the spa chair, i will find a way to smudge my hands.

these OPI gels have stayed shiny and chip free now going on two weeks.

afterlight (3)

happiness is having breakfast food for dinner.

like i wrote last week, i can’t stand eating breakfast…but that doesn’t mean i detest breakfast food {the good, unhealthy kind, that is.}

last sunday night my mom prepared a breakfast feast at six o’clock at night; buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon & sausage.

she even made “veggie” style sausages {ugh, don’t look at the ingredients} for me so i could complete the requisite dunking of my links in syrup…

afterlight (4)

happiness is a home cooked meal.

sometimes you just can’t beat beasts under foot, pajama bottoms and messy hair in a bun at the dinner table.

and last but not least:


you are happiness, my sweetheart readers.

what is currently tickling your happy button?

shut the fridge….

September 17, 2013

today i’m so excited about our “shut the fridge” editor i could almost run on a treadmonster.
and if pigs did in fact fly, wes pedersen would be the coach to get me on said torture device.
one of orange county’s favorite personal trainers, running coach, and group exercise instructor, wes pedersen is a favorite and a force at our club, equinox fitness. motivating, kind, and crazy informative, wes has created a powerful presence with his running clubs, clients and classes.
thank you so much wes for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to “shut the fridge” with us.
“A little of this and a little of that” . . . how else can I describe what my fridge looks like?  To me it makes perfect sense and tells the story of the lives in our house with one parent working full time in the fitness industry while training to run across the Grand Canyon, one parent playing “Super Mom”/doctoral student/psychology intern, and one overly-active 2 year old with the appetite of a 17-year old adolescent boy!


We’ve got organic veggies (which the wifey is a master chef at preparing in at least 14 different/delicious ways), plenty of fruit that can be the quick sugar-induced pick me up in the middle of the day, every form of yogurt possible to satisfy our son, lots and lots of water, and even a couple of beers for when the the tyke decides to tantrum.
With our schedules tightly packed to the minute, I sometimes feel like our family plays out the metaphor of “ships passing in the night”.  Therefore preparation is key and we try (even if sometimes it is only a feeble attempt) to prepare food at the beginning of each week to sustain us through each day . . . hence the sliced sweet potatoes ready to be baked, the pre-sliced asparagus, and chicken marinating in “Island Soyaki Sauce” (from Trader Joe’s).
While I don’t prescribe to idea that everything from Trader Joe’s is 100% healthy and devoid of calories, I do think you can find some unique/tasty/addictive/and still healthy options.  Case in point, TJ’s “Fresh Brushetta” which we use more like a gravy than a condiment, preferring to slather it on everything from eggs to quinoa to cold lentils.  Speaking of cold lentils, try this:
1 cup cold lentils (from TJ’s – pic above)
1/2 cup shelled edamame (from TJ’s – pic above)
2 TBSP fresh brushetta (TJ’s)
handful of walnuts
handful of dried cranberries
**(I’ll even throw chicken, hard boiled eggs, or sliced turkey in there for more protein)
Building off of Carly Farmer’s “Shut the Fridge” post, here’s my morning smoothie essential list:
Protein powder (either whey or Vega brand in the berry flavor)
Chia Seeds
Ground Flax Seeds
Peanut Powder
Almond Milk 
** while the spinach doesn’t carry a lot of flavor it does change the color of the smoothie to green – which makes me feel that it is infinitely more healthy for me . . . even if it is of the banana/PB/chocolate almond milk variety.
And here is the Pièce de résistance!  All hail to the mighty power of the Cocoa Almond Spread!  It can be paired with something like apple slices or just with your index finger . . . as you can tell from the pic . . . don’t judge . . . just try a little bit using a spoon and soon you’ll find that the utensil just gets in the way!  I hope that this finds a happy home in KO’s fridge next to the “NutZo Butter” and replacing the DH frosting!
Thanks to KO for letting me share my soul/fridge with all of you.  It was a fun exercise . . . in the sense that I had to literally move all of the normal junk food out to make way for what I wanted you to see 😉
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