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scenes from a {bachelorette} weekend

September 16, 2013


monday morning bikini on top to you m’loves.

we are back from hollyweird.

the bachelorette party was a success!


i am still in recovery mode from this weekend’s festivities: bottle service, blow-up pool toys, whips, lingerie, hip-shakings, and the requisite post-party vomit.

i can’t take credit for any of those activities…but i’ll smile and laugh lovingly at the whole experience, allowing me to share time with some of the best girls on this planet!

afterlight (1)

one of the many things i learned this weekend is that miley cyrus’ friend “molly” is NOT some pony-tailed, cherub-faced, sidekick from home that i had originally supposed.

apparently “molly” is the drug ecstasy.

although none of the babes in our party partied with “molly”—every other person at the roosevelt pool…did.


my beautiful girl rocked l.a.: high-kicks, head-tossing, and every room became her personal runway.

it doesn’t matter who you are, people LOVE alexei.

how could you not? look at that face!


i’ll admit i was one of the first ones to turn in on saturday night.

this made for a very quiet and peaceful sunday morning back at the pool, sipping on coffee, reading my paper and watching various vacant-faced molly’s wander from room to room looking for their AWOL shoes, unaccounted for attire, and forever astray brain cells.


sending love to all who came out to play and dress rehearse for the upcoming nuptials.

my bridesmaid dress diet starts NOW.

game on bitches.

friday, i’m in love….

September 13, 2013

ceecee (1 of 1)


and i’m not ashamed to admit to it:

we are those people.

last week at the groomer, priscilla not only received her requisite, stranger-inducing judgment, stripper feathers, but she also came back with pink ears and a matching pink tail…all this in an effort to further my rabid quest to become the canine version of dance mom.

opawz chalk, a non-toxic hair dye for dogs, is the greatest thing to happen to white trash.

we’re big fans.


i want to have this new york times article‘s baby. 

my entire life i have shunned breakfast.

eating in the morning, even if it’s a nutrient-dense green drink, makes me feel like a sluggish, comatose, grouchy bear. i truly don’t feel “hungry” until early afternoon. 

the times in my life when i have tried to be in the cool-kids’ club, and strong-armed a morning egg-white scramble down my throat, i’ve ended up gaining weight and feeling the opposite of the breakfast-induced, stoked metabolism always promised to me by oatmeal eating health experts and fitness gurus.

i will feel no more guilt for eschewing the english muffin.

speaking of breakfast what i do consume in the morning, even before my beloved coffee, is a daily cup of warm lemon water with braggs’ organic raw apple cider vinegar. recently i added ginger to my cocktail. waking up so early i sometimes feel nauseous; this ginger addition has kicked that “morning sickness” to the curb.

ginger is one of my many miracle tonics. it literally is a wonder-drug for all its healing properties: aiding in digestion, a detoxifier, colon and ovarian cancer prevention, and it’s a great cold & flu fighter. i’m obsessed with wakaya organic ginger. super strong and pungent, wakaya organic ginger, next to the actual ginger root, is one of the purest forms of this spice i have ever used.

a little goes a long way, but the tiny bit that i do use makes my tummy troubles obsolete.


this weekend, along with 14 other girlies, i’m celebrating one of the best girls in the entire world with her bachelorette party. i’m still blown away and touched to be the maid of honor for my love, alexei.

i’m ready for some major girl time at the pool and i’m hedging bets on a “safety dance” contest.

S-s-s-s A-a-a-a F-f-f-f E-e-e-e T-t-t-t Y-y-y-y


finally it’s friday and i’m in lady-gaga love with this man.

five years ago today i became mrs. hunkiest.

this man, my gibraltar;  the strong, supportive, unyielding sail to my capricious and wayward winds, everyday i am more in love with you.

friday love-is-all-around to you my darlings.

wishing you a weekend of pink feathers and cherries on top.

see you on the other side of sunday.



shut the fridge…..

September 12, 2013


welcome to the newest edition of “shut the fridge,” a series that peeks into the most intimate shelves of our favorite movers & shakers-the refrigerator.

today i’m silly, stupid happy to have my friend and boss, carly farmer, explain how food integrates into her busy life. carly is the owner of orange county’s premier boutique yoga and pilates studio, villa pilates and yoga. with “villa” carly has created a beautiful space – with bamboo floors, open beam ceilings, non-toxic paint, and natural lighting. this friendly and relaxing environment is dedicated to transforming the body and spirit. a newport beach native, carly farmer, promotes a healthy neighborhood vibe and an eco state of mind.

let’s take a peek at carly’s fridge:


I’m the weird one that enjoys my wine more if I’m drinking it out of a pretty glass. I buy chocolate bars if I like their labels. The atmosphere in which I eat my food matters to me. I like to drink wine while I cook because it’s fun. I try to eat something green with every meal. Dessert is a must. I’ll eat meat, as long as it’s organic. Every morning starts with a green smoothie. Probiotics are mandatory. Super foods are cool. I’m a sucker for gourmet markets and a good deli case.


I actually believe that someone’s fridge says just as much about them as the clothes that they wear or how they choose to decorate their home.

I don’t know whether to categorize myself as a health nut or a foodie? I guess a combination of both. Dr Habib Sadeghi says it perfectly – “A lot of people think great flavor is an afterthought when it comes to ‘healthy’ food, but if we are to be fully nourished by food, it needs to taste wonderful.”


I do truly believe in the power of food and that you are what you eat. Fruits and vegetables really do make you look and feel good, but every once in a while it’s fun to be a bottle of champagne or a piece of coconut cake.

With all this talk about food and how much it matters to me, you’d think I’d have a more impressive fridge! I am 27, single, and a working stiff! I’m hardly ever home, and when I am, I didn’t know I was going to be. My fridge will be so much more fun and colorful when I’m older and have a family of my own. That is actually something I look forward to.

I have three rules for my fridge. Food should be real. Food should taste good. Food should heal. With that being said, here’s a look into my fridge this week:

My morning smoothie essentials:

spinach and kale + unsweetened original almond milk ( I have a big enough sweet tooth as it is, so I prefer no added sugar in things that don’t count as “dessert” ) + raw almond butter (I grind my own at Mother’s) + chia seeds (fiber and omega 3’s) + bee pollen (gives you a buzz!) + banana + ice .

Lunch lately has been consisting of an organic turkey sandwich on sprouted whole wheat bread (usually Ezekiel or spelt bread). I toast my bread and top it with my mom’s basil pesto + slice of yummy Manchego cheese. (that cheese also tastes delicious with that fig jam from A market on top of a rainforest crisp cracker)

Grapes + blueberries for snacking. Half a bottle of la crema chardonnay because I can never seem to finish a bottle. Champagne for celebrating. Dates for my sweet tooth when I’m being extra good. Arugula parmesan cheese shavings + pine nuts + lemon for a simple side salad when I need something green.

A collection of dark chocolate bars for dessert. Honeycomb + bread crumbs maca are this weeks flavas. Lemons + Limes + mint to spike my water and dress my salads.


Vegetable pizzas from Zinc, kale salad from A market, + lemon quinoa from Mother’s – meals on the go! Organic + cold pressed Ritual juice –  juice on the go! I choose clean + basic greens because of the lower sugar content.

Braggs amino acids is like a healthy soy sauce for stir-fries. I just love Papayas and they have some great digestive enzymes. Cacao nibs to decorate my vanilla almond milk ice cream.

I think it’s fun to buy large beers to share with guests and pour in pretty glasses. My family loves IPA beers – Racer 5 + Big Daddy are two of our faves.


 As for my top/medicine shelf – Probiotics for a healthy tummy, Fish oil for omega 3’s,Green Tea extract (with EGCG) for healthy cells, and Biotin for healthy skin + hair.

 “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” Fracois de la rochefoucauld

thank you so much carly girl. i love you to death and i’m even more inspired by your commitment to living such a health-conscious life. 

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