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fashion crime: a sequel…

December 11, 2013


don’t let her tufts of flaxen and inky black, {and always beguiling} eyes ensnare and fool you.

this is what a criminal looks like.

and she knows it.

remember monday’s post where i confessed my mad, bordering on psychotic love for my new iris & ink sweater?

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apparently i’m not the only one who wanted in on the cozy, cashmere wool goodness.

yesterday morning the house was a bit too quiet for my fancy; no shelves collapsing, no tag around the christmas tree, and it had been hours since i heard a bark, howl or other bronx cheer at the neighborhood dogs and cats that brave to walk past our front windows.

instead i found my girl, quietly, ravaging my new sweater.


we’ve been at this carnival before.

her first criminal fashion caper involved another beloved sweater.

there was the time she tried to do her own laundry.

 then there was my favorite pillow.

who could forget the reese’s peanut butter cup debacle.

and, of course, my favorite her messiest: the nuts.


jones, mortified with his sister’s naughty behavior, did his best to console me as we surveyed the damage.

i’m all for a chichi broach, but not even the gaudiest of rhinestones will be able to cover up that fissure.

{notice the wicked assailant observing in the background.}


here you see me trying to look for new ways to wear my double sleeved, yet sleeveless new look.

and if you look closely in the background, my not-so-clever outlaw left remnants and evidence of another caper; this time it involved athletic wear and a sock.

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the disappointment is palpable in the house.

my little gangster is feeling the shame; she’s taken to bed and refuses any visitors.

we’re hoping her remorse lasts, at least, until the christmas gifts under the tree have been delivered and opened.

wishing you a crime-free wednesday m’loves.


holiday relief

December 10, 2013


got peppermint oil?

last week i was saw a chiropractor for the first time in over a decade.

the appointment was fine enough; my contrary and argumentative brain, which i luckily don’t allow to speak most of the time, silently debated much of the efficacy of the chiropractic process and claim.

when it was time for my adjustment the doctor adjusted me more with massage and trigger point therapy rather than the usual “pop” “crack.”

sure the massage felt great, but the peppermint oil she used gave me the most significant, instantaneous relief.

in less than two minutes i was a new person, with a new, non-combative brain, a heart less closed off, and a body emerging from holiday stress.

i’ve since purchased my own bottle of peppermint oil, and it’s become my new must-have everyday item.

peppermint oil cures and alleviates so many of our modern-day body and mind predicaments; the list is too long to catalog, but here are the most popular and effective uses for this powerhouse herb:

  • peppermint oil is a dynamic weapon for anyone fighting digestion problems. it’s cooling properties soothe digestion. one can either drink it as a tonic, or actually apply it on their abdomen for instant, holistic relief.
  • inhaling the scent or massaging the wrists, with a drop or two, soothes motion sickness and general nausea.
  • people who suffer from stress, depression, and general mental exhaustion notice a reprieve in their anguish with the cooling and refreshing essence of peppermint.
  • i suffer from major anxiety. peppermint oil curtails and alleviates much of my distress with just a few sprinkles of it in my daily bath.
  • i’m always looking for an alternative to my mid-morning, mid-afternoon, afternoon, late-afternoon, early evening, and post-dinner coffee klatch. peppermint oil’s energizing properties can sometimes be alternative pick-me-up. i’ve been using wow drops for years to give me a little, extra pep; these drops are also a god-send for us instructors whose throats get dry and sore.

do you use this miracle essential oil too?

what are your remedies and practices for peppermint oil?

the monday morning trifecta

December 2, 2013

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monday morning skies of blue to you m’loves.

it’s already a full-plate, hustle of a morning.

a quick “hello” to you, wishing you a week of cyber monday savings, sea-salt and caramel double-dates, and bluegrass + juniper scented kitchens.

if you’re not in the holiday spirit i recommend this a capella rendition of “the little drummer boy;” it has me decking the halls and hunting for hung mistletoe {hope your lips aren’t chapped.}

my polished nails, color courtesy of mary jo matsumoto are also aiding and abetting my inner christmas sprite.

how are you handling the pre-christmas frenzy?

merry, merry m’loves.

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