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November 28, 2013


amid all the gorging, the irksome family members, and the fact that tonight’s scandal has been shelved for a mutha-effin lady gaga and the muppets special, it’s no wonder that this day of “thanks” sends many into a pill-popping, binge-drinking, self-mutilating clichéd after-school special.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.08.08 PM

if this sounds like you, take heed.

be still.

it’s just a day.

 i feel like, during this time of year, we often try to mash, cram, and demand ourselves into happy, evolved, composed people; when really all we want to do is bark like rabid, sweater-vest clad foxes.

i know i am not alone in this feeling, and because of that i find gratitude, thankfulness and peace amongst all the chaos.

happy thanksgiving to you m’loves.

gobble gobble.



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safe word: narwhale

November 27, 2013


so last weekend i caught the local, debilitating, holiday virus going around town and throughout the country: the cooking bug.

i was no match against this cheeky bacterium.

everywhere i turned, i was ingesting infectious pinterests boards and blog posts touting their fever-inducing recipes, clad with vogue-magazine worthy photos, styled á la aran goyoaga, and accessorized with prose that would get any rebel on a hunger strike to apron up and starting onion dicing.

armed with my boards, sites, and the most vital ingredient: a cute outfit, i set out to chef my way into a more beautiful, happier, glossy world.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

it didn’t really turn out like i had envisioned.

hunkiest and i decided to make our first turkey dinner together where, in unison, we’d navigate the unknown, spooky territory of food processor and cheese cloth land.

i was his katniss everdeen, he was my peeta; side by side and aligned, fighting for our lives against organ puncturing thermometers and heart attack procuring white flour.

this photo was taken on sunday…i am STILL cleaning up the mess.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetcase in point: i found this celery stalk yesterday.

even the beasts knew best to turn their noses up at any scraps fallen from my guillotine cutting board.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

on a more positive note, because of the cooking bug, THIS is my new, beautiful, all-clad roasting pan {FYI: on special at sur la table,} a gift from my beloved husband, showing his appreciation and pride that i was in our kitchen for something other than making coffee……and demands.

it’s so pretty.

i’ve decided even if i never cook again i’m still going to use this pretty pan.

this morning it was my mirror for makeup and hair.


the gravy base was kind of a bust.

taken from this recipe, given to me generously by the culinary goddess, mrs. burns, my friend and biggest cheerleader when it comes to all things domestic; i tried to keep faithful to every single direction given to me.

i’m a rules girl and didn’t want to muck this up.

unfortunately hunkiest had other ideas. according to him and his “thorough” cavity search, we bought the only turkey, in the history of turkeys, that did NOT come with neck, gizzard {ugh THAT word,} and heart.

i think he even started to blame “monsanto” for our defective turkey; even though we bought an organic, hormone and anti-biotic free bird, raised on a cage-less, fence-less farm equipped with a jacuzzi and ping-pong tables, where the turkeys rode ponies in the morning, went to montessori school in the afternoon, and died in their sleep from being too happy.

irritated with my nagging to “fucking LOOK AGAIN!!!“ he, with his hands literally up in the air, sassed at me to “make do.”

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

i did my best.

but wouldn’t you know it, lo and behold, guess who finds the so-called missing bag of guts the next day as he’s trimming our bird.

i gave him THE bird and blame my gravy’s lack of robustness on his lack of poultry fortitude.


we both agreed my stuffing {not really–again another recipe from mrs. burns,} was delicious.

if you’re a fan of mushrooms, then this IS your new stuffing.


it is my stuffing based solely on the tawny port ingredient.

after this near-death, hunger games experience, the rest of that bottle went downward dog down my throat.

so do you have a favorite, fool-proof, go-to turkey/stuffing/gravy recipe?

gobble gobble m’loves.

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thank you clarity….

November 25, 2013

tumblr_mltp99Y6Tx1qdx8qgo1_500 (1)

so here we are: in the starting blocks of the season of thank you……and heavy carbohydrates.

before i pull my socked feet out from under my heavy, judgement protective covers each morning, i lie in bed saying thank you.

this communion of gratitude happens all 365 days of the calendar.

it’s my soul’s warm-up for the next 24-hour cycle of work and toil for my brain and heart; where limits are pushed, boundaries reset, and patience flexed and stretched.

 the blessings in my life are abundant. i try to not forget this fact.

here are a few i’d like to acknowledge:


thank you coffee.

you are my best friend, confidante, and therapist, all wrapped up in one welcoming, warm ceramic, morning ritual.


thank you wanderer.

the chance, even just the idea, that i’m a train ride, car hop or flight away into escape, quiets the rumblings of the tsunami in my stomach who’s always scheming to flee, hide, and experience life anew somewhere far, far away in a land of no one knows me.


thank you boots.

i’m walk taller with you.


you fortify me with a micro confidence which has eluded me through 31 years of body-hatred.


thank you date night.

this is when i feel the wittiest, the smartest, and the prettiest all week-long.


thank you pizza; specifically pizza on date night.

YouTube Preview Image

thank you active child for this song.

a great sob session is like a steamy, grime-cleaning shower for my heart.


finally i am thankful for the mess.

this is a new one for me.

i fear clutter, disorder, chance and spontaneity like some fear bees and spiders.

but like a sneeze you can’t suppress; the havoc, the muck, and the mayhem happen.

in these moments, when i am able to surrender to reality, albeit the sometimes unfavorable, these are the pockets of presence where i learn the most, love the hardest, and find my truest self.

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shut the fridge

November 19, 2013

so here she is, i know you’ve been waiting for this one.

ever since my gorgeous and divine friend, raquel perry aka the fitness stalker, appeared in my girl crush series, i’ve had many people refer to that “amazing,” “beautiful,” and “inspiring” woman.

she is all of those things and more.

lucky us we get to see what is in this bionic’s woman’s fridge:


When the lovely Ms. Osumi honored me with her request to write about, and photograph the innards of my fridge, I must admit, I was nervous. Not nervous because I don’t enjoy letting peeps in on my lifestyle, or habits, (in fact I will gladly bore you to tears with the details of my beloved green smoothie,) but because I was sure that everyone expects my refrigerator contents to be nothing but lettuce, kale and alfalfa sprouts.


I do buy a lot of greens. Kale, spinach, chard and broccoli are always in the crisper. Organic is a must when it comes to these gems. But, there is certainly more than the green stuff. Allow me to give you a guided tour:

fridge (1 of 1)

Firstly, my green smoothies are a part of my daily routine. So much so, that when we went to the desert for Spring Break with the kiddos, I packed my trusty Vitamix. I usually use a base of the So Delicious unsweetened vanilla coconut milk. Sometimes I opt for unsweetened vanilla hemp milk, or organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I add in frozen banana, Warrior Brand Raw vegan protein, and flax seeds, chia seeds, and tons of greens. There is no special recipe, I like to add in as much of the green stuff as possible, since thanks to the fruit and protein powder, you really cannot even taste it.

fridge (1 of 1)-2

Next on that top shelf, is Veganaise. This mayonaise-like spread has won over everyone in my family, including the picky hubby and kiddos. Same goes for Earth Balance spread that I swear is as yummy as butter. K.T.’s Gingerade Kombucha are a must have, as are Ritual Wellness organic cold pressed juice. Spicy Greens is my current fave. The Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Limeade are also in large supply after Ms. Katie O turned me on to them!

Bread is almost always the sprouted Ezekiel bread, flax-seed version. Delish, extra fiber and again, a hit with the entire fam.

I also have on hand the cinnamon raisin sprouted grain English muffins. This is a handy breakfast for the kiddos with a dollop of Earth Balance spread and honey. In fact the tortillas by Ezekiel are also always in the fridge.

While I do not eat meat of any kind, except the occasional fish, my family does. All meats are organic and grass-fed when possible. I always have black beans that I have made with lots of garlic, and onions, or some chickpeas at the ready for a quick addition to a salad or meal.

RP’s makes a gluten-free fresh pasta made from brown rice flour. I especially adore the no-bake lasagne sheets, which make for any easy veggie lasagne that I pack as many vegetables into as I can. I also make the fusilli with hemp seed pesto.

I am currently loving “White Girl Salsa,” in Mild Tomatillo flavor.  If the name weren’t chuckle-worthy enough, then the flavor will win you over. Even though I am part hispanic, I am a wimpy white girl when it comes to spices. This salsa is perfect for my mild hotness.  ;)

fridge (1 of 1)-3

This time of year you will always find organic Honeycrisp apples in the fridge. Either eaten alone, or made into a baked apple, dusted with cinnamon and stevia, and finished off with a bit of plain coconut milk yogurt, they never fail to satisfy.

Cheese is not off-limits for me. In fact, I LOVE it. It was far easier eliminating meat from my diet than it would be to cut out mozzarella, feta or goat cheese. I just make sure they are organic varieties.

Finally, let’s check out the freezer. Frozen grapes, (to nosh,) frozen berries, bananas, spinach, and pineapple and frozen wheatgrass cubes are always stocked and ready to be made into a smoothie. I buy organic ice cream for the kiddos and Matt, and So Delicious brand coconut ice cream for me. Chocolate is the flavor I have been grabbing lately, and I top it off with a spoonful of peanut butter or Nuttzo.

Bottom line is, that while I may have the reputation for never eating anything “fun” I enjoy everything I eat. Food enjoyment is a funny thing. Once your body learns to taste real food, limited processed foods, and not tons of added sugars, it not only adjusts, but learns to love the taste of things in their more pure state. Same goes for water consumption. Start lugging and chugging that water bottle everywhere you go, and it becomes second nature.


I have been through so many “diet phases,” and have found that the best diet, is not a diet at all. It’s one’s daily way of life that is sustainable, and not overly complicated. Eat real food, limit processed foods, and added sugars, and you can’t go wrong. Our bodies are such amazing machines that we ask so much of on a daily basis, doesn’t it make sense to fill it with the best fuel possible? And if eating organic, drinking alkaline water and limiting foods that are processed helps with my longevity and that of my family, then I am all for stacking that deck in our favor.

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tuesday typical

November 12, 2013



 tuesday kisses to you m’loves.

it’s only tuesday, but i swear i’ve lived, at least, four days in the course of the last 24 hours.

nothing new, special, or typically harrowing, but usually where my tendency is to break out into spontaneous, mostly inappropriate, in-public dance; i’ve found a random, yet very necessary unplanned child’s pose is my latest impulse.


due to time constraints and self-imposed over-commitment my soaks are shorter.

but the precious time i do have underwater have been spent immersed in kneipp herbal 0ils.

each of their 10 herbal baths offer a different, but each experience precious.

 i’m actually typing this post steeped in the “enjoy life bath;” a concoction of smile inducing lemon balm, may chang {a citrus essential oil known to promote mental calm–i’m ordering it by the van-load,} and geranium.


post-bath i’m off to love on my second family; my students, my friends, my tribe.

once that clock rings 6am, our spinparty commences.

we ride hard, we ride true, and have an illegally amount of fun

next is on to the mat and barre for a lil’ up an inch, down an inch.


this time of year, as my favorite honey crisp apples move out of season, my cravings and dependence on seasonal grapefruit peaks.

i think the grapefruit is one of the best opportunities to fully experience the yin and yang of sweet and tart.

did you know that grapefruits are great for fat-loss?

my alexei recently gifted me a bag from her most recent farmers’ market visit.

the better taste of farmers’ market produce is undeniable,and the difference in freshness is amazing.


with the time change comes earlier, sofa cuddle time.

hunkiest and i LOVE our time on the couch crushing T.V.

besides the obvious homeland, we are digging showtime’s “masters of sex” and of course, to keep it classy, “the shahs of sunset.”

anything we’re missing that needs to be dvr’d?

 tuesday happy to you m’loves….

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it’s friday, i’m in love….

November 8, 2013

afterlight (86)

good morning lovers!

friday happy to you.

pull up a chair and grab your mug; i’m ready to dish on all things favorite.

afterlight (85)

i truly am cozied up here, piano’ing my keyboard whilst sneaking sips from one of my favorite coffees.

it’s that time of year: red cups, silver bells, and the release of holiday blend from peet’s coffee...

these beans are the perfect coupling of nuttiness and spicy in a dark, slap-you-in-the-face roast.

 adding to this morning tryst is an article i read yesterday stating that coffee is quite the unknown anti-ager.

can i get a “hell yeah!!”?


speaking of anti-aging, i’m obsessed with all products sunday riley. i waited a good 6 months before reviewing sunday’s a-grade material, raw, vegan-friendly line. it IS pricey but i had heard so many rave reviews i had to check it out.

i am not disappointed. her clean & green in technology have given me noticeable results in fine lines, suppleness, and hydration; meaning i can actually see a difference.

i am officially addicted to her bionic anti-aging cream and start-over eye gel .

afterlight (87)

and speaking of addictions, remember when i told you about my crack habit?

well it just soared to toronto mayor levels.

at that aforementioned peet’s coffee, also known as my dealer, they are now offering chocolate covered oreos during this over-fed holiday season…..as if we’re not already getting our adequate supply of sugar and fat.

unfortunately the smack is only available in-store. you gotta get your strung-out self to your local shop for that afternoon fix.

afterlight (88)

i can’t believe, but running and i have yet to break up.

it’s been a week.

but along with my newfound pavement pounding i’m also “rolling” more.

just as important to stretching, deep fascia therapy, either on a foam roller or manually with massage, is crucial to joint health.

every day and before bed i’ve been using my yoga tune up balls to alleviate much of the pain i experience in my back, hamstrings, feet, hand and knees.

it hurts like a mother, i’m talking tears sometimes, but the effects are nirvanic and can be felt right away.

jogger (1)

as a reward for sticking with my holiday hustle {albeit 6 days} i treated myself to these satin jogging pants from vince, and yes…i may even jog in them….in heels.

they are über comfortable, flattering, and what i love most is the tuxedo stripe down the side of the leg.


and then lastly for the friday favorites…for those of you who didn’t already see it yesterday on facebook, i am FIENDISH for the talking pet app.

if you have pets and you text/email photos of your pets excessively, then this is the app for you.

so like priscilla said, “happy weekend!”

wishing you caffeinated dreams and chocolate-covered smiles.

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

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shut the fridge: tracy bauer edition!

November 5, 2013


talk about a girl crush…on looks alone tracy bauer is a vision of perfection in my book….but when this blue-eyed, ripped and lean new yorker opens her saucy, wicked-smart mouth? it’s like i’ve found my long-lost sister.

hilarious, hard-core, with a heart as big as the harvest moon, tracy bauer has charmed us southern californians with her quick wit, body-changing classes, and inspiring, true grit living.

she is a fitness phenom and her classes at equinox, yoga works and electricbodyz are packed to the gills.

welcome to “shut the fridge,” the tracy bauer addition.

fridge (1 of 1)

Look, lets get it right out in the open.  Im 90% German and just enough French to piss people off.  I’m 100% East Coast.  This means three things:  I’m a ball buster, I come from multiple lands of bad ass food and I eat meat, all kinds of meat.  This does not make me the Devil, nor does it make me sick, fat, or nearly dead.  Quite frankly I feel the most alive when I eat meat.  My blood work says I’m 20 and Im 43.  My parents and then my brother and I were raised on the finest meat.  I ate REAL grass fed, farm raised before it was trendy or hipster.  Most people have never been on, or for that matter, anywhere near a farm.  I was raised on one.

raw steak asparaguy (1 of 1)

In the late 70’s we moved away from the farm.  The 80s hit and it was harder to find grass fed farm raised.  My Father started his own mini farm.  We changed to wild caught anything.  Deer, rabbit, chicken. Wild caught fish.  Pump an animal full of junk and cage it up??  Absolutely no way we would eat that.  We had our own garden.  That garden and I had a love hate relationship.  My brother and I (cousins if they were visiting) would slave for hours picking those damn green beans!  But let me tell you they were the freshest, most delicious tastes I’ve ever experienced.  I hardly eat a tomato these days as it just doesn’t compare.

cooked steak (1 of 1)

Thanks to my little Fresh God in the sky that things are changing back to the old school ways.  Primal Pastures in Temecula is a great source for grass fed, farm raised meats.  The Farmers Market in Laguna Beach where I live cant be beat and I love www.eatwild.com which provides info for fresh, wild and local grown foods in your area.


I am a simple eater.  I can steam, grill and bake.  I can make an occasional fresh pizza. I’ve tried cooking.  After countless meals dumped in the trash and a husband that can chef it up with the likes of Gordon Ramsey I’ll stick to the old Weber!  Here’s how my days go down:

justin's (1 of 1)

Breakfast is often GF Steel Cut Oats with nuts and berries and a Tera’s Whey Protein drink.  Snacks are my homemade organic almond/hazelnut flour blueberry or pumpkin muffins or Fage yogurt with Barleans Oil and almonds.  I will eat whole yellow peppers and cucumbers all day long.  Lunch and dinner always consist of a delicious juicy steak, pork chop, lean ground turkey or ribs with brown rice/quinoa pasta or simply brown rice with olive oil and asparagus or broccoli.  All organic, all the time.  When I’m on the go teaching countless ass-kicking Yoga, Pilates, Sculpt or HIIT classes I take my Tera’s Whey with me.  I won’t apologize for my addiction to coffee with almond milk or Kombucha.  A special treat will be dinner made by the doll who is just an amazing talent in the kitchen!  I am a lucky gal!!


As you can see I do not run around on chicken and lettuce all day long.  I am, on the other hand, lean an ripped as hell.  I love food and all people should.  Its one of life’s glorious experiences and you should enjoy it while maintaining a balance.  As with all things life, there is an ebb and flow.  My mind, body and being truly ride that awesome ebb and flow and I appreciate and honor that it is mine to ride.

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it’s friday, i’m in love….

November 1, 2013


it’s here.

can i get an “amen” please?

will the real katie osumi please stand up?

this week i’ve been a bathrobe shuffling, katherine hepburn bobble head, babbling out weighty thoughts {at least i think they are} and musings with the gravity of gossamer to anyone who’ll listen…mainly my beasts.


i’m in a state of flux.

i don the tuxedo of flux.

neither here, nor there but i can make out my footprints in both places.

i’m using this weekend to knob down the noise of the motley crue playing, live, in my brain.


speaking of song…this isn’t a new ditty, but after seeing the trailer for the remake of carrie {the ONLY part of the movie i will be watching,} i became obsessed with lykke li’s haunting version of “will you still love me tomorrow.”


again, with obsessions: blackberry farm, nestled in the foothills of the great smoky mountains of tennessee has been a fantasy of mine for some time. a luxurious, organic working farm that also hosts couples and families in an inn far more beautiful than any fancy-nancy, five-star european hotel or balinese four seasons.  it is number one on the list of places i want to visit.

until then though i’m happy to announce we all can bring a little bit of the farm home to us and those we love. blackberry farm has just opened their online shop, and it’s crammed with artisanal, gourmet goodies such as their peanut butter and jam collection or the blackberry farm cheese club; both which will be on my auto-ship program.




 although it doesn’t happen until sunday, i’m still in love with the idea of the extra hour we get this weekend as the clocks change back! what will you be doing with your extra hour?

mine will involve nightgowns, coffee and this book.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 10.41.07 AM

finally, if you need me at any other time this weekend i’ll be at my computer watching this for the next 72 hours. it’s a live feed of the new litter from gucci, an assistance dog for a young girl with autism. my friend ryan sent this link to me on tuesday, and i have been rendered stupid, mushy, and incapable of finishing any tasks since.

love to you all.

see you on the other side of sunday.

if you’re participating in the #holidayhustle make sure you post on instagram and like me on facebook so i can see your progress and hustle with you too!



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i KNEW it!!!

October 17, 2013


so after 37 strung out, trick-turning years, feeling completely defenseless against all things chocolate sandwiched, science has validated my enslavement to nabisco:

oreos are as addictive as cocaine to your brain!


no longer will i feel ashamed about my nights out clubbing, scurrying away to the ladies room with a razor blade and my old “ace of base” cd where i grind said oreos down to a mind-blowing, nap-inducing, pant-stretching powder.


farewell to freebasing in shame on 17th street with the rest of my tweaker friends {fyi i had to look up the proper spelling of “tweaker,”} i will binge on the rich, tasty filling with pride and abandonment.

will i have to show my i.d though when buying my crunchy, creamy stash at the market; like when i need sudafed for my “cold.”

although i like my oreos straight up, undiluted and pure i thought i’d share some of the most interesting ways other users mainline their fix.


starting the day with a jolt is mighty important. these pancakes look as if they will do a proper job sending a rush of serotonin to my hungry and addicted receptors.

c1dd10b55cf5984f18e8f1a9bb5b3c8fmove over cannabis brownies, there’s a new cartel in town; these babies use crack  oreos to turn your mediocre dinner party into a dunkin hines rager.


sorry john belushi, but this is what speedballs look like in our hood.

let’s party.

tell me m’loves what’s your favorite way to get your fix in?

and if you need me in the next six months, i’ll be checked in at the betty crocker center for oreo addiction.


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falling into fall fashion……

October 15, 2013


my style is of a preppy, new england co-ed, live and die for the corduroy and tweed sandwich-ilk.

there’s something about fall though that ups the ante on my argyle addiction and sweater vest ways.

elbow patched sweaters with penny loafers are as obligatory as the new scandal season and homemade chili on sunday nights.

 do you have any fall fashionable favorites putting the whipped cream on your pumpkin spice lattés?

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