Four Seasons Hotel

popsicles poolside

May 20, 2010

i exhaled any last remnants of grief into the bottom of the pool this afternoon.

my toes are now webbed from the time spent eeling and dolphining my way back and forth under the bridge from hh’s chair to my secret alcove of imaginary fish friends.

splash splash all day long. swimming away from all the monsters back home.

just like it’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open, i’m incapable of swimming without grinning ear to ear; especially the deeper the water. maybe that’s why the “adult pool” suddenly morphed into the “katie pool” as the day passed.

no bother to me. such a pity the others are missing such a wonderful underwater party. everyone looks beautiful and feels weightless subaquatic. we i just bounce around all day with my own personal snuggly undersea trampoline. i make floppy flips, splashy backward somersaults, shimmy out a number or two from grease 2, and bee-bop to the steel drum band at the bar.

utterly exhausted. a respite: drying out under the cabana for rest, reprieve, and re-fueling for the afternoon’s repeat sessions.

start to notice though there weren’t any patrons for the latter performances.

hmmmm? maybe next time something more recent, like teen witch?

bringing home silly for souvenirs.

accessory for summer is the uncontrollable giggle.

if you don’t have one, get thee one now!


sultry nights

May 18, 2010

rum, rum wherever you are. rum away from all your fears and cares.

languid meals lit by candles. slow motion camera as he lifts his wine glass from table to lips.

pinot noir smiling out the corners of his mouth.

pinot noir kisses when the waiter isn’t looking.

legs curled under my hips fashion a sofa into a love seat.

how silly of us not to eat with toothpicks at home.

here, can i offer you another plantain dunked in honey, honey?

misty rain calls for bare feet; no matter how pretty your party dress may be.

the wet tiles are still warm the day’s sweltering heat in the shade.

off to dream under a swirling fan, in a pitch black room, listening to thunder and waves bowl for strikes.


Well, one out of two…..

October 5, 2009

So much for my bachelorette weekend of late night debauchery, dancing on bar tops, downing shots with the gusto of a sorority pledge, and middle of the night raiding of the mini bar. Six seconds in to settling into my assigned seat I started to sneeze. It hasn’t stopped. Along the way, my sneeze has accumulated a fever, runny nose, sore throat, headache and over all cranky disposition. F*ck Me!!! Of course, being the eternal optimist did I pack prepared to get sick?!?!?? Of course not. No, I do not bring Tylenol or NyQuil, but I DO pack 7 different strands of pearls and 3 cocktails rings (did i mention this is Wyoming?) And forget about just trotting down to the nearest Rite Aid, on our way to the hotel from the airport we do not pass one pharmacy or drugstore, but we DO see a baby bear cub and his mother (swear to god.) 2914789930042323861S500x500Q85

But, oh how they took care of me at the Four Seasons. One sound of my sniffle, and without having to say a word a tray of hot tea, crackers and jelly beans was delivered to my room with a sweet note  to “feel better soon.” The following afternoon I had a message checking on my sneezing status, and inquiring if i needed anymore medicine or tea. I was able to achieve 80 minutes of Nirvana in their exquisite hotel spa. Jenny, the massage therapist, undid the last three months of tension and toil courtesy of my spin bike and pilates classes. As nice as the massage was, I think my favorite part is the post treatment time when we all convene, faces glistening and hydrated, hair oiled and slick, temperaments tame and giddy. Reclining by a fire, under those cozy blankets when you’re so unfettered the chat and giggles  just stream out. Getting hammered on ginger tea (my only imbibing all weekend,) laughing until your stomachs hurt, crying until your stomachs hurt.

So, while i didn’t stay out past my bedtime with the rest of the girls drinking those second and third bottles of wine, “bumper car-ing” their way back to the room as Amanda so aptly recounted, eating pizza under the covers at 9am, and drinking tequila on a saddle at the Cowboy Bar. I DID  get my rest and relaxation. For that I am grateful and considerate it a successful girls weekend away.

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