ladylike tuesdays

ladylike tuesday

October 19, 2010

sometimes the unexpected is the best bite.

i’ll see your thunder and lightening,

and i’ll raise you pleated dresses, chandelier earrings, and heels high.


ladylike tuesday

October 5, 2010

today i will wrangle the lady out of me.

i’ve had seconds of sleep, and resemble more a snarling, snapping yellow-bellied sea snake.

back off bitchiness, withdraw your surly sword.

no amount of busy or exhaustion exempts me from kindness and manners.

lady like tuesday

June 22, 2010

yes, i know tis a man.

today requires me extra rigid in statue & stance; articulation and precision with each exhalation of breath.

major big girl panties today.

often when i need to play professional katie i feel most girly in boy britches.

nothing like an ascot and pinstripe pant to get my eyelashes batty and lips glossy.

i can behave.

with the best of them in fact.

there’s something…..though, so, so, so juicy tempting about blowing big, smacking loud, giant pink bubblegum bubbles in a quiet room of stiffs.

even more delightful when i’m asked to share my hubba bubba, and the imbecile stew thickens.

so ladylike….


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