weekend happy

April 6, 2012

friday merriest to you m’loves.

another wonderful week is coming to a close.

did you spend it well? were you true to your self, did you live with a kind heart and a clean tongue?

i’m proud to say i did…{well, profanity aside}.

i hope you’re feeling fulfilled as well.

here are a few weekend wishes for you, and links to a few of my favorite fixations.

i wish you a weekend filled of rest and intermission; a respite for you to dream in giant, rainbow-colored fancies.

i’m hoping the only raging waters you encounter are the splashing waves of long, drawn out baths taken early in the evening before a deep, restful sleep.

lately, i’ve been throwing these into the tub, cranking this on full blast, and meditation unfolds.

oh promise me, my dears, you’ll play this weekend; somewhere, somehow find a way to put the silly in your day.

a belly laugh here, a giggle there; stir your soul with a little bit of smile.

this had me howling earlier in the week….

even though my job is very vocal and talkative, at times i dream of going for weeks without saying one, single word.

on my time off i must find solitude. quiet. i need to re-charge and tap into what fulfills me most.

i’m reading a fascinating new book that’s making me feel a little less like a freak for not always wanting to be miss social butterfly.

here’s to you finding some alone time to re-center and re-focus.

oh, and one more thing, happy easter m’loves.

see you on the other side of sunday.

you’ll poke yer EYE out!

April 26, 2011

twitchy is now going six weeks strong.

botox is out. a paralysis of the 24hr palpitate can’t be guaranteed, and the risks of an imbalance in the face are high.

my chemical asymmetry and emotional incongruity are the rice and beans to my family of origin enchilada.

i don’t need anymore imbalances on my plate.

yesterday i gave acupuncture a whirl.

contrary to what others say, those needles are sharp, they do hurt, and i bled.

the soothing sounds of pachebel piped over ocean waves, a sugary sweet gardenia candle, and the honey purr of my doctor’s voice were the only things saving her {doctor} from an open palm smack each time she pricked me with one of those tiny, chinese voodoo pins.

diaphragmatically breathing in through the nose, and out through the mouth….i went to my happy place:

it’s amazing what visualization can do for anxiety.

alas, bitch twitch still here.

she’s actually a little amp’d up post STAB session, but dr. sugar-lips warned me that may happen.

perhaps twitchy likes chocolate candy bars.

more to follow.

tuesday happy to you m’loves.

morning meditation

November 24, 2010

cheers to another chance.

courage in my cup, i recommit myself to expelling the naysayer in last night’s slippers.

she hasn’t served me.

it’s a sweet farewell.

the dreamer has sat sideline too long.

an illusion no more,

hour by hour the scale tips further into fearless.



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