an ending. please.

July 30, 2010

this week ends the deadliest month in the afghanistan war.

nothing really more to say. crying feels better.

i have the flu so my maudlin mood magnifies with whims of vapors and fits of fury.

being sick sends me into my weepiest, most melodramatic, has-been actress theatrics.

antony and the johnsons play in every speaker of the house. all tv’s muted on msnbc {2:15 it gets good}.

wishing you peace this weekend my friends.

for our soldiers:

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scared to color outside the lines

April 14, 2010

i’m watching the pacific. to say it rivets me is an understatement.

hh and i are rendered speechless each episode.

every scene shakes me.

i still can’t get the conversation out of my head where the hardened, jaded marine questions the fresh recruit about god:

YouTube Preview Image

hearing those words made me feel a little less alone.

i like to think i’m an intelligent girl. i can work out most of my sticky situations. yet when it comes to war and these “enemies” i supposedly have all over the world, i’m a 4 year old needing tracing paper.

i don’t pray. but at night as i fall asleep i try to send love out to someone in the world who doesn’t know me, but hates me. hates me because of where i live, what i look like, because of what i do or do not believe in.

it was something i started around 9/11; to help me combat my confusion and anger. now it’s just become a ritual i have to do. like brushing my teeth.

it’s silly, i know. kind of weirdo-ish too. i’m not changing the world. i’m just not letting hate and ugliness own my tiny katie kingdom.

my grown up xmas list

December 22, 2009

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can’st give me

just in case he IS checking his list twice here is what i would be asking for if we lived in that magical world where friends weren’t sick, parents didn’t fret over bills, animals frolicked freely, a soldier’s watch was limited to his sleeping child, and our earth pumped out big gulps of clean, unpolluted air.

alas, this world eludes me. yet. till then, here’s my shameless, materialistic christmas list.

i'd like a piece of art by matthew heller

i fancy a side yard with this garden and shed.

an outdoor patio and fireplace fit for humans and beasts

la-la-love this lanvin necklace

i'd like a national mandate for naptime (all ages) please.

trust me. i'll find somewhere to wear them.

girls trip to nantucket

seriously? would 4 dogs be THAT much nuttier than 3???

i'd like to be julianne moore for a day. ginormous girl crush!!!!

stella's stealing my heart with this chamois canvas hobo

floor seats at a killers concert

a glow facial from christine chin spa

a glow facial from christine chin spa

grand? i think so. but tis just a wish list. health, peace of mind, safety, and a better world nix fendi shoes all day long.

have a jolly tuesday!

images: troy house, country living, coastal living, net-a-porter, paul costello, frank w. ockenfels, flickr.

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