December 19, 2012

crematorie-alexander-kostinskyiwhat’s there to say?

when monstrousness rears itself in human form, are there ever appropriate words? i try to make sense and formulate a dialogue, but my emotions get the best of me, as do my tears and grief, and the guttural sounds of rage and sadness render me……monster-like.

i know in these situations i’m strongest in my silence. i send love and compassion fiercely.

albeit silently.

it’s not about me.

it rarely is. roomi didn’t think i had anything more to say on this blog. since last friday’s tragedy my thirst for kinship and connection felt ruptured; like i had a short in my companionable circuit breaker. i had taken that hairdryer of butterfly-social and submerged it in my bathtub water of misanthropic bubbles.

let me care, but let me care from planet afar….

flowerbut thankfully that resistive, terrified for puffy eyes and sleepless nights compulsion didn’t last long. i’m a sucker for sweetness, and there’s so much sweet in all of you out there i need an excel spreadsheet to keep it all straight {and then i please need someone to teach me how to use an excel spreadsheet.} especially in the places you don’t normally expect to find them: an email from an amazing mother yesterday, who is putting her children and peace for them above her own happiness, a surprise visit from one of my most favorite people in my spin classes {which sent me into an involuntary 5:45am toe touch,} a call from someone i consider my guardian angel, my mom making me a vegetarian burrito bar for me late last night when i came home from teaching {she insists that i always have something warm at night,} and the best of all, a voicemail from my aunt charla….which i will save just to hear her voice.

these are the things that draw me back into the land of believing again; believing in the beauty of humanity and wanting to pass the blessings i’ve been given on to others so we can “turn up the love” in this wild, sometimes wicked, but more often beautiful world.

peace to you m’loves.

tennis, juice, yoga & jane……..

November 30, 2012

friday zippity doo dah to you m’loves!

my oh my what a busy week! and it looks like it’s going to be an even whackier weekend. 

hunkiest and i have checked our calendars, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! from now until the 26th of december it is ON! our feet are in the starting blocks, and the social season and high-gear workload have begun. i usually get rather cranky with too many commitments in the filofax, but so far i’ve yet to bite the heads off of any small children….that’s not to say i may not go looking for a nice toddler lollipop come next week. 

how about you?
tonight i am pop-rocks-in-my-mouth-happy i get to go to the acura champions cup tennis tournament at the honda center. michael chang, john mcenroe, andre agassi, and jim courier, {hello?! legends,} all duke it out under one roof in three matches for the top spot. the tennis is a 10, and the banter back and forth between these guys is a 12. it’s always a great evening, and not to be missed if you haven’t already made plans for tonight, and even if you have made plans, it’s worth canceling them. tickets are available here. i’ll see you there, i’ll be the one in wimbeldon whites, with the terry cloth headband and matching wrist guards. 

what? it’s a look. 

as i always am after professional sporting events, tomorrow i will be outré inspired to expand my fitness prowess. so my kamp katie campers had better be ready to, in the words of olivia newton john, “lemme see yer body talk” come saturday morning. game on my friends! 

i’m excited to announce i will be teaching a complimentary coreplay® class {my pilates, barre, yoga fusion style class} on sunday morning at 10am at The CAMP.

it is the official grand opening for ritual wellness’ newest endeavor ritual juicebox, an actual storefront where you can buy their delicious, 100% organic, raw juices. 20% of all orders {both in-store and online} will be donated to JDRF {juvenile diabetes research} on sunday. email if you’d like to register for class. 

later on i’ll be trading juice for south african tea, but the spirit of community and good tidings will still remain. from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock on sunday afternoon you can come say “hello” and learn more about our wonderful community at jabulani yoga during the annual corona del mar christmas walk {in corona del mar.} we’ll be serving tea and holiday cheer and spreading the word of our sweet, jubilant little studio right in the heart of corona del mar. we’ll be set up right near bandera restaurant near marguerite avenue.

this weekend and post would not be complete though without a birthday wish to my beautiful mother. i can’t wait to properly fete you; hoping that stripper calls me back. 

happy birthday jane. i love you crazy. {and don’t read into that.}

weekend happy to you m’loves. wish my mom happy birthday will ya?

see you on the other side of sunday. 



scenes from a weekend….

May 14, 2012

monday goodness to you m’loves.

today mr. sunshine stalks me like an undeniable 8th grade crush. he won’t leave me alone, and i LOVE it.

peeping in through my windows, spying on me early in the morning as i try to bathe, following me to and from my car at the gym, this guy means business; sunny days are here to stay: bring on the happy, the jaunt in your step, it’s a grand journey, this roller coaster ride of a world.

albeit exhausting, my weekend was a crock pot of all the ingredients in my life that make it full and delicious: work, family, friends & beasts.

saturday began with two intense classes. first an early morning equinox spin where we rang up watts and rpms that got the facebook and twitter status’ all a-flutter. then i hurried off to yogaworks where i taught my last pilates fusion class after 8 years. a bittersweet hour indeed, for i’ve come to love many, dear people there.

but i’m moving on to a new studio…..more on that to come.

the race to never slow down continued in saturday’s on-going pilates training. we worked the cuckoo-clock out of double-leg kick, and then broke out into an impromptu let’s see why all of us pilates/yoga instructors are always in so much pain.

lisa, our trainer, concluded me: overworked.

{ba dum bump}

reinforcements are always important for these types of trainings. i feel like room mom. i make sure to repeatedly stock the studio with chocolate for my girls. it just keeps for an overall mood of silly and light during these long, tiresome days.

sunday morning was for mother. we brunched hard!

i go ladylike in dress only……truck driving, foul-mouthed, hip-checking, elbow throwing linebacker is how i typically like to work my buffet. the heels provide for a nice disguise.

i went downward dog deep into the cheese station. this morning i was still finding remnants of humboldt fog in my hair, and i’m pretty sure there’s a housewife nursing a bruised shin today; sorry, but when tater tots are on the line, i go for blood. i don’t care if they are for your kids.

after my 5 plate binge i had to go right back to pilates….here’s priscilla showing her protest.

i felt her pain. the last thing i wanted to do after eating for 12 was rocking swan dive. i miss my family, but the always-have-to-be-working-psycho in me won yesterday’s battle between beast and mommy. i think it was my first victory ever with priscilla.

after hours of neutral spine, low belly engagement, and knitting my ribs so shut i had to call a locksmith to open them back up, i finally retreated to my bath.

i’m convinced a 2 hour bath can do more than any drink, pill and ice cream sundae to soothe a tired, stressed girl’s soul. using salts and oils from my beloved melissa, i drifted into a drowsy, bliss of dreams sweet.

a weekend happy indeed.

tell me m’loves about your weekend. please share with me your adventures and smiles.

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