shut the fridge: tracy bauer edition!

November 5, 2013


talk about a girl crush…on looks alone tracy bauer is a vision of perfection in my book….but when this blue-eyed, ripped and lean new yorker opens her saucy, wicked-smart mouth? it’s like i’ve found my long-lost sister.

hilarious, hard-core, with a heart as big as the harvest moon, tracy bauer has charmed us southern californians with her quick wit, body-changing classes, and inspiring, true grit living.

she is a fitness phenom and her classes at equinox, yoga works and electricbodyz are packed to the gills.

welcome to “shut the fridge,” the tracy bauer addition.

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Look, lets get it right out in the open.  Im 90% German and just enough French to piss people off.  I’m 100% East Coast.  This means three things:  I’m a ball buster, I come from multiple lands of bad ass food and I eat meat, all kinds of meat.  This does not make me the Devil, nor does it make me sick, fat, or nearly dead.  Quite frankly I feel the most alive when I eat meat.  My blood work says I’m 20 and Im 43.  My parents and then my brother and I were raised on the finest meat.  I ate REAL grass fed, farm raised before it was trendy or hipster.  Most people have never been on, or for that matter, anywhere near a farm.  I was raised on one.

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In the late 70’s we moved away from the farm.  The 80s hit and it was harder to find grass fed farm raised.  My Father started his own mini farm.  We changed to wild caught anything.  Deer, rabbit, chicken. Wild caught fish.  Pump an animal full of junk and cage it up??  Absolutely no way we would eat that.  We had our own garden.  That garden and I had a love hate relationship.  My brother and I (cousins if they were visiting) would slave for hours picking those damn green beans!  But let me tell you they were the freshest, most delicious tastes I’ve ever experienced.  I hardly eat a tomato these days as it just doesn’t compare.

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Thanks to my little Fresh God in the sky that things are changing back to the old school ways.  Primal Pastures in Temecula is a great source for grass fed, farm raised meats.  The Farmers Market in Laguna Beach where I live cant be beat and I love which provides info for fresh, wild and local grown foods in your area.


I am a simple eater.  I can steam, grill and bake.  I can make an occasional fresh pizza. I’ve tried cooking.  After countless meals dumped in the trash and a husband that can chef it up with the likes of Gordon Ramsey I’ll stick to the old Weber!  Here’s how my days go down:

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Breakfast is often GF Steel Cut Oats with nuts and berries and a Tera’s Whey Protein drink.  Snacks are my homemade organic almond/hazelnut flour blueberry or pumpkin muffins or Fage yogurt with Barleans Oil and almonds.  I will eat whole yellow peppers and cucumbers all day long.  Lunch and dinner always consist of a delicious juicy steak, pork chop, lean ground turkey or ribs with brown rice/quinoa pasta or simply brown rice with olive oil and asparagus or broccoli.  All organic, all the time.  When I’m on the go teaching countless ass-kicking Yoga, Pilates, Sculpt or HIIT classes I take my Tera’s Whey with me.  I won’t apologize for my addiction to coffee with almond milk or Kombucha.  A special treat will be dinner made by the doll who is just an amazing talent in the kitchen!  I am a lucky gal!!


As you can see I do not run around on chicken and lettuce all day long.  I am, on the other hand, lean an ripped as hell.  I love food and all people should.  Its one of life’s glorious experiences and you should enjoy it while maintaining a balance.  As with all things life, there is an ebb and flow.  My mind, body and being truly ride that awesome ebb and flow and I appreciate and honor that it is mine to ride.

shut the fridge!

October 9, 2013

welcome to the latest installment of “shut the fridge,” where our favorites let us glimpse inside their eating world.
i am cuckoo-clock crazy for today’s guest.
i’ve been trying to get my beautiful friend, cassie piasecki, on GNI since i first started this gig.
every second with cassie is an inspiration. she is an entrepreneur, writer, fitness fiend {soon to be whipping all of our bottoms in both her spin and pilates classes,} she is an exquisite mother, adoring wife, and one of the most fantastic friends to have.
if cassie ever created her own talk-show, i’d be the first one to DVR every episode. she always has oodles of important information, not just opinions, on everything from starting one’s own business to raising a daughter in newport beach.
and she’s ALWAYS dressed like she just stepped off the most recent street style pages.
here’s a look inside this fabulous girl’s fridge:
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In the Piasecki Household we are in a state of transition and a busy travel month.  My one and only child just left for college, leaving me to cook for just myself and the hubs.  After a summer of  “let’s eat at home to save money as much as we can” for the three of us, this is quite a departure.  Especially because the hubs is traveling three days out of the week every week for September and October.  Long story short…I’m not buying OR cooking much.  It’s basically ME.
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I’m going to start at the top and that’s my freezer.  I’m a plan ahead kind of girl.  I usually spend Sunday in the kitchen baking blueberry muffins or banana bread for the hub’s breakfast, making a soup for the first couple of days of the week and usually a pot of chili, spaghetti sauce or stew that I can freeze in individual size portions for weeknight dinners.  Because I don’t eat meat and the hubs was brought up on boarding school “slop food” we usually eat different things for dinner.  I’m not a big “lady who lunches” kind of gal.  I dig an Amy’s bean and rice burrito or a Trader Joe’s pizza (Hello! They are made in Italy!!) midday. The Klondikes are obviously for the person who doesn’t  wear workout clothes most days of the week.
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Yogurt is big in our house for breakfast.  I eat the Fage with berries and hemp seed sprinkled on it and the Noosa is my special treat.  A few spoonfuls are the perfect late-afternoon pick me up before a cycle class.  We totally eat a lot of butter, too.  I feel if you are going to splurge on something that is high calorie or high fat, make it the best it can be.  Straus Creamery is the bomb!  Have you tried their eggnog?  It’s coming!!!  I love fizzy water and the Voss bottles are so pretty.  Hubs loves a Pellegrino soda every now and then.  Costco sells them in a big pack so it seems like we have a lot of them now.  Oh and that orange?? That is for Mandy, our blind Bichon Frise.  My hubs is convinced that she needs a slice of orange everyday to keep her healthy.  He forces me to give it to her even when he travels.
 topshelgf (1 of 1)
A few of my fave things ready for the week…jicama, roasted Delicata squash, Majestic sprouted hummus and my lemon pie Coco-Roons.
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I love my seeds!  This summer I got really into Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook, “It’s All Good” and a lot of her recipes use flax seeds, almond butter and brown rice syrup (well, the desserts do!) so I always seem to have those on hand.  I like to add the cacao nibs to granola that I make at home.  And, I love Justin’s peanut butter cups.
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I know this isn’t IN my fridge but I became obsessed with these spices this summer and I had to share.  Cinnamon goes on all of my yogurt.  Lemon Pepper…where have you been all of my life?  It goes on just about everything that doesn’t get cinnamon.  The Savory Spice Shop in Corona del Mar is awesome because you can try small amounts of things you wouldn’t normally use.  Not that these two are anything unusual but I sprinkle red pepper flakes on pizza and the fine white pepper?  SO yummy on steamed rice and vegetables.
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Only people who actually come in my house would ever see this but I collect fridge magnets.  BUT, there is a catch!  It can’t be just any magnet.  I have to get the magnet myself, you can’t bring me one AND I have to get it for free.   Each one means something only to me.  They captured a time of my life (the kid dentist), a trip (a funky pizza joint in Colorado) or even businesses that have now closed (my fave scrapbook shop).  They cover much of the real estate on my fridge.  Silly but cool.
I have to thank Katie because I learned a lot from this exercise.  I learned that I need to add some variety into my eating!  As much as I love my berries, I’m excited for the change in seasons and the fall fruits and vegetables.  I just signed up for the South Coast Farms CSA baskets through Villa Pilates and Yoga.  My soups and stews will be chock full of organic goodness.
I don’t have a cool quote about food to close my entry here on Miss Katie’s blog.  I will share two of my food rules.  I really don’t eat after 7pm and abs are made in the kitchen.

shut the fridge…..

October 1, 2013

Jill Grogg-51
welcome to the latest edition of “shut the fridge,” my series where we glimpse into the fridge’s of our favorites.
today i’m half-moon pose happy to welcome my girl, my love, jill grogg.
jill grogg is one of most popular yogis in town. throngs of fans flock to her rockin’, always sold-out yoga class. she is “delicious” with her adjustments and we always leave class feeling blissful, empowered and loved on by jill.
redleaf (1 of 1)
Our fridge is a great balance of healthy and indulgent! We both LOVE food and cook A LOT!!
 fridge (1 of 1)
Lets start with my fruits and veggies– We get a CSA (community supported agriculture) box every week from Tanaka Farms. I love this box because everything is very fresh, seasonal and keeps variety in what your eating. This weeks variety; carrots, cucumbers, a huge onion( which I will make caramelized onions from) kale, red leaf lettuce( my favorite!) tomatoes, brussels sprouts, oranges, watermelon and cabbage. I wash and spin all of my lettuce and put in plastic baggies so they are ready to go. Cut my melon and prep anything else so that during the week they are easier to eat up!
tortillas (1 of 1)
I always have an assortment of breads, tortillas and wraps. My favorite these days is the Ezekiel cinnamon raisin!
There is a loaf-pan with foil on it; I pre-made a Quinoa Enchilada Casserole that is a quick delicious dinner that I can throw in this week– always planning ahead!!
seedbutter (1 of 1)
A few nut butters and jams.
milk (1 of 1) 
Cows milk for him, almond for me.  I make a batch every week and I’m obsessed! I splash it in my espresso shots in the morning or use it to make overnight oats for a breakfast on the go!
Almond Milk
1 C Italian Almonds( I buy from bulk bins @ Whole Foods)
3 C filtered water
5-7 dates, pitted
Soak almonds overnight. Rinse. Place in vitamix with filtered water and dates. blend. put through nut milk bag ( $4 on Amaze.
Overnight Oats
1/3 C Quick Cooking Oats
Almond Milk
Chia or flax seeds
Slivered almonds
Place ingredients into a tupperware. Make sure your milk covers the oats. place in refer overnight– and wahhla! Breakfast is served!
 We love the Turkey Rotisserie Breast from Bristol Farms or sliced turkey from the deli. We try to do some wild caught fish a week. Our favorite is Salmon, we brush with Organicville BBQ Sauce and bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes, so good!
hummus (1 of 1) 
In the drawer we have an array of cheese, salami, and hummus, perfect quick snacks
sauce (1 of 1)
…..tons of salad dressings, hot sauces, condiments, etc.
diablo (1 of 1)
Lots of sparkling waters, coconut water, juices for cocktail mixers. We have a garage fridge that holds beer, some wine and any extras that don’t fit in the house!
brussel sprouts (1 of 1)
So thats our fridge!!  Thanks so much Katie for the chance to share about one of my favorite things and a good reason to clean and organize my fridge!!
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