Appetite Spoiler Alert!!!!!

September 17, 2009

tumblr_kpplpcsOry1qzvnxpo1_500People ask me if I miss eating meat. Yes, I do. I love steak! I love juicy cheeseburgers, crispy bacon, fat porkchops, and sizzling sausage. Let’s not even mention Foie Gras. I fantasize, not of the day when we find the cure for cancer, but when we find the humane way to make Foie Gras; a method so blissful and orgasmic the geese beg the farmers to be the lucky foul to have their livers enlarged. Until then my visual retention of factory farming, and the other inhumane, mainstream practices that get us our “meat” is too acute for me to get those delicious baby back ribs stuck between my incisors again.images-2

Now, this isn’t just a food thing either. I’m trying not to buy leather goods either. I know my magic shoes are a perfect patent leather, but let’s be honest…..i knew i wasn’t getting them.

  • Love it! And fully agree regarding leather. I've read some awful, awful stuff regarding leather cattle in India.

  • Where the eff did you find these pictures Irene????? Puke.

  • I like the Starbucks cup next to hamburger baby. Starbucks is my God.

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