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September 16, 2009

Oh Bottega Veneta, what happened to you? You’ve forever dazzled me with your handbags and shoes, but my my my, leather-goods be damned if you’re not now dangling yummy frocks under my nose. Thomas Maier if i sent Christmas Cards you’d be added to my list this year. You’ve created a Fall collection with the prettiness and promise of renewal that only comes with Spring Lines. 00330m00220m00320m
Now if only i could work these beguiling accoutrements into teaching a mat class. I might be able to pull off the cropped, lilac, shearling jacket with the GIGANTIC bracelet sleeves on a spin bike. But the willowy yards of yummy milky silk; they’d for sure catch on a reformer spring.

It’s times like these where i reconsider a deal with the devil. Maybe a night at The Island Hotel fundraising, for god knows what terrible Orange Country conservative cause, wouldn’t be so bad as long as I was able to wear my new Bottega Veneta dress??? hmmmmmmm…………..

  • I would love to scream “don’t do it” but I’ve made mistake purchases at that shop in the past – as you know. Can’t look at my wallet without wishing I had my $550 + tax back.

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