November 27, 2009

double wool up to my knees. down zippered jacket worn under the covers. two golden retrievers valiantly striving to thaw my feet and chest. the fire cackles worthlessly. why can’t i ever get warm?

maybe my parents did adopt me from a gecko family?

i can feel frost form over my bones. lying down it’s an icier chill; less stoke for body heat.

don’t you dare close that window!!!  the cold makes me ache for the honeyed warmth i so greedily took for granted.

moving into the cold just for today.


  • Your cold-weather gear sounds exactly like what my husband wears when the temperature is lower than 50 degrees! It goes to his bones, and he doesn't thaw until we escape to gecko lands!

  • I'm originally from Vermont…so I hear ya. The cold sucks…I've lived in Cali, and The Virgin Islands…and yet…I keep coming back to the east coast. I think my brain is frozen and my common sense is shot.

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