well, we’re here. it took us 5.75hours. we stopped 3 times because i insisted on recreating some of the highlights of celine’s performance. specifically, the one-legged air guitar ending in a lifted point-flex, point-flex. the calabasas 76 station got the left to right peace sign across my eyes, as i bobbed my head off beat, front teeth to chin. when i had to pee, and didn’t want to use the public restrooms i’d just borrow celine’s quick, little, grapevine steps around the car; totally solved the problem. the only time things got awkward was when i held her tyrannosaurus rex (1:17) move? HH and the beasts started barking at me to stop, locked me out of the car, and refused to let me in until i promised to cease my homage to miss dion.

i complied. but i must say, the ride was definitely not as fun. hmph. gobble gobble.