Santa Baby…….

December 17, 2009

Christmas came early for Katie!!

Look what I won from Trust Your Style (giveaway queen)

this arnold zimberg flannel shirt is exactly the wardrobe piece to keep me westside chic AND holiday party handy!! it’s a red plaid flannel (double faced!!) the collar and cuffs have a cool blue and white striped lining, AND (my favorite part)……… the collar, sides of the shirt, and buttons are lined with cyan velvet trim (twirling madly with glee!!!!!)

with a dvf skirt, kova & t leggings, and brian atwood booties i’ll be fa la la la la ling all over the bouche de noel!!!

arnold zimberg shirts are known for their clever details and quality design. flavorful, fun, first class fabrics combined with bold contrast overstitching, and trademark velour trimming are why these duds are becoming cult classics with trendsetters.

mary jo, herself, is one of these said style vanguards. i repeat she IS a giveaway goddess, and her clutches and jewelry are fairytale beautiful. definitely should be your new addiction.

  • Love that skirt. So pretty!

  • Katie, thanks so much for the mention–you are going to look so utterly cool in that shirt! I'm jealous (but in a good way).

    Stay warm!


  • Katie – Wow you did good wining that shirt. I really love the outfit you assembled. Really..really fun.

    I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredibly kind comment you left for me on my last post. So appreciated. Good news is my dog does not have cancer, She may require surgery, but that pales in comparison. Sorry it took me so long to respond & I wish you & yours a fabulous "holiday'ish" weekend. Hard to believe it's the last before Christmas! Hugs from Houston x deb

  • did you know brian atwood went to the brother school of mine? catholic school, can you IMAGINE?!

    how that man came out of a school in joliet, illinois is beyond me. he graduated with my brother and was lovely when most boys were not.

    i digress. i love this outfit idea. that is all.

    moonwalk out. xoxo.

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