dahlings what are you plans for the forty eight hour holiday? dancing? drinks? dates? my plans aren’t set…..yet. i know there will be huffing and puffing, and tucking and squeezing. and that’s just when i’m on the clock.

one thing i am craving is more girl time.

belly laughs. the crying that unclogs that thing in your throat that’s been there for months. head on my shoulder as i play with your hair, looking for split ends. omitting prepositions and nouns……we know what you mean. your index finger to the sky swirling, head bobbing up and down, eyes rolled…..even with your mouth full of chardonnay it’s crystal clear: your husband’s boss’ wife, the one who got so wasted at the christmas party, wants to be best friends and won’t leave you alone.

i need more of this. even better if we don kimonos, smoke from long pipes, and play dominos.

happy weekend. love, katie

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