rain day

January 20, 2010

quite the storms we’re having here.

a tornado is in effect. secretly hoping i wake up with munchkins and men of tin.

have i mentioned how much i enjoy the rain?

one puddle, and i’m six years old again.

i’m envying every single hunter boot i see.

or these kate spade’s

there’s a glamour requited of rain. a pomp and circumstance. another reason for me to relish in its visits.

and it’s lovely to love in the rain………

love, katie

  • I'm def buying Hunter boots ASAP!

  • We are getting the rain here too and a mixture of snow which makes slush. I hate slush…and if I tried to walk in slush in any of those beautiful pumps…I'd be on my ass. The Wellies are cute though.

  • Jaida prefers to dance in the rain in her flip flops 🙂

  • ok. when you put it this way, rain is glamorous! I actually curled up on the couch I never use for the first time ever and took a nap during the rainy afternoon yesterday–it was heaven!

  • Looks like I had just missed the rain! Lucky me I suppose? I do love those hunter wellies!

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