this weekend i need a roomy shirt. a long, loose shirt with stretched sleeves.

a shirt i can leave untucked so i don’t fret about a stomach not sucked in.

sleeves to hide freakish goosebumps. whom appear even when doppler reads 80 degrees. warm (to some).

this weekend i hope to wear a mint green scarf of low blood pressure.

i’m going for a bit of a drive. happily. a treasure chest awaits me. i will gladly stay to the right of everyone else. listening to her, breathing in……

breathing out.

favorite and i will read. feel like i’m missing pages or worse a soul. i need an emotional socket converter because i’m not feeling anything yet, and (oh my) the story is sad. i read. unmoved.

{yet, i saw a pigeon in a parking garage wednesday night, and i boo hooed for 30 minutes straight, imagining he was stuck there away from his family.}

we’re waiting for the next available bed at the local sanitarium.

my mind lately is one loud pinball machine. bang bang. bounce bounce.

i want watercolor emotions just for a month…..

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