ladylike tuesday

February 23, 2010

today i’m going to pretend i’m a lady who lunches.

the tops of my ears will balance perfectly over my shoulders, hip bones paralleled beneath.

ferragamo flats.

cornelia james’ gloves

i will cultivate charisma and allurement.

and i will master the art of looking pensive, beautiful, and unavailable.

a tout a l’heure……

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  • I love bows on the elbows. And Ferragamo flats. My pensive "look" is more of a goofy confused stare, and I had rice and beans for lunch…so I guess I'll meet you at the next picnic…I'm afraid that they won't let me in the country club with just my good taste in shoes.


  • i will take one of each, please and thank you.

    just lovely. yum.


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