magical mood

February 10, 2010

giddy up summer.

sundress, we’re in need of a date!!

i just received my new fragrances, ‘you make me happy‘ & ‘magical mind‘, from the uber-chic mary jo matsumoto of trust your style.

the heady orchid and jasmine are making me loopy, longing for warmer days and nights.

‘you make me happy’ indeed.

at first whiff, this yummy scent conjures black licorice and anise. but….. let it sit….. for a bit, and you’ll recognize vanilla and orchid. this scent surprises me because, at first, it smells sweet, but deep down, i think she’s a sultry fragrance (don’t let the candy-colored gum drop facade fool you). the beautiful, aloof (just shy) girl with the cool grey nail polish, perfect stringy hair, who listens to leonard cohen, wears ‘you make me happy’.

august nights so hot we’d ride around in the back of lindsay armstrong’s car just to keep cool; night jasmine perfuming the air, monster ballads on the radio, sandy hair whipping in our faces, prowling the town for parent-free parties; this is what ‘magical mood’ is to me. mary jo has created a spicy floral with the addition of green forest fir. absolutely magical.

these two rousing scents are organic oils; not in any way chemically enhanced. i adore the roller ball applicators, and the fact that the fetching labels are from recycled paper.

i must say my favorite of the scents is the combination of both. mixing them produces the most intoxicatingly provocative bouquet. channeling sweaty, sizzling evenings with your hunkiest……..

you must check out mary jo’s etsy shop. there are other fragrances for purchase, and in different forumulas: solid natural perfume, organic hair oil; pure formulas producing the most pristine of quality. she also sells lip balms, scented handkerchiefs, lockets, and cameo pins. each product more unique than the next. i am such a fan.

happy shopping.



click bottom image for source.

  • Katie, thank you so much for this! I can't tell you how happy I am that you like your perfume. And "the beautiful, aloof (just shy) girl with the cool grey nail polish, perfect stringy hair, who listens to leonard cohen, wears ‘you make me happy’." that has me laughing…has to be the best write-up about perfume ever!!!


  • Okay, you hooked me in line and sinker! I've been searching for that perfect "remember me after I leave the room" scent, and maybe, just maybe, Mary Jo has just the one for me!

  • Ewww….Ahhh..Woww..zipping over to check out all the lovelies. I'm liking what I read. Scented hair oils. balms and handkerchiefs sound like great gift ideas; especially for ME. Sounds like you are all revved up for Spring my friend. Happy almost weekend to you xxoo

  • Loving the idea of mixing them to create that perfectly sultry scent. Running over to check out her shop now!

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