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February 22, 2010

goodbye weekend. good riddance to pity.

nothing like a visit with adored aunt charla to send the scary sadness away.

grilled cheese and homemade lentil soup help too.

new week. fresh start. favorite detests the mopey; he’s always commanded a certain dignity. a characteristic his two siblings consistently and miserably fail to supply.

i ferociously ride into this headwind of hurt with my heart lifted high, shoulders square, wearing my sincerest smile.

i get to love.

that’s not just icing. that’s icing and rainbow sprinkles.

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  • You write so beautiful. A real talent. Glad you got some loving and grilled cheese & homemade soup this weekend. You deserve it as you will be needing fuel for some serious loving to 'favorite'. Thinking of you x

  • That's right…that's the spirit! You can cry when it's time…but smile while you can.


  • ….And sparkly sugared diamonds on top!

  • As you say "twirling…"

  • auntie char

    so happy you came and met baby Scout. She is sleeping at my feet, dreaming of things to destroy. I know your heart is heavy….it is always there, isn't it?
    Courage, dear one.

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