February 16, 2010

this weekend we found out favorite has cancer.

i have nothing to say. there aren’t words, sentences, poems, photos which equal my sawyer’s sweetness. i cry stupid, pointless tears.

it’s in his lungs.

he has no idea. nothing hurts.

the tail keeps flopping on that damn hardwood floor.

mommy has a new bed downstairs with sawyer. the doctor doesn’t know how long. he is old. he has put up with insulin shots twice a day for the last 6 years.

we wait until the tail stops wagging.

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  • Tears. I am so sorry. As a mommy of only animals as well…I feel your heartache. I lost one of my "babies" a couple of years ago and I still think about her all the time. My thoughts are with you and HH and Sawyer.


  • I can't help but shed tears. It seems these days I'm surrounded by the word, the results of cancer. Your sweet Sawyer is such a beautiful dog and I am deeply sad for you all. Tell me how the heck do animals get lung cancer? We all ask in our family how the heck my mom got LC when she never smoked nor lived with someone that did. It's just so cruel. Wish I were there to give you a hug, & wish I could take away your pain. I know when we got the cancer scare with our dog in Dec. I was devastated. She is my best friend. In fact sitting next to me as I type this. I will be thinking about you all. xx hugs

  • I am so sorry Katie (he looks just like my in-laws golden CJ who passed just last year, brings tears to my eyes even thinking about it). It's just so hard. My heart goes out to you, HH and that precious pup. Keep us updated. Hugs.

  • Katie-

    I am so sorry. I didn't realize they couldn't remove his cancer. I can relate with you sadness and I hope his final days are filled with good memories and that he continues to wag for as long as possible.


  • oh, katie.

    i am thinking of you. i am sending so much love and hugs and comfort, all the way from pittsburgh. for you. for sawyer. i am so sorry to hear this news.

    i remember the call i got from my parents when they told me they were taking daisy, our 14-yr-old boston terrier (aka, little person with fur), to put her to sleep. she was so sick. cushing's disease it was. and i was so heartbroken. and i wept. oh, how i wept.

    maybe prayers to st. francis will help ease the pain a bit, provide a bit of comfort. i don't know. what do you say at times like these? i wish i could take away the cancer. i wish i could blink it all away for you both.

    but always remember that sawyer is yours. whatever happens, when it happens, he is still yours. a gift that nobody else will have had the way you have. yours. that little heart with legs and a tail and a wet snout.

    wrap that around you. it will never go away. they never really do.

    so much love and comfort…


  • oh sweetie, you're in my prayers. last year we lost our bubba, im getting tears just thinking about it.

    give extra snuggles to this presh baby

  • Katie, I am so sorry. I know how hard this is to go through. Losing a pet is equal to losing a family member. I hope it takes a long time for that tail to stop wagging 🙁

  • auntie char

    Rob & Katie… heart is just breaking for you. Dearest Sawyer. I remember you & Andrew as 10 week old puppies romping and chasing each other. Your gentle, sweet soul evident even then….putting up with that little, demanding Westie.

    Courage to you & Rob. Sawyer will guide you and help you get through this.


  • Love, love, love all of you.


  • Oh Katie I am just now catching up with things. Oh my heart aches reading this. Miss Bear will be 12 in April and God only knows how much longer we will have with her and I truly dread the day her tail stops wagging and I don't see her smile and show whatever this extreme version of unconditional love is that Golden's have mastered. Sadness.

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  • Okay, I had to back-track a bit to figure out what was making you so sad….now it hits me in the heart! Katie, so incredibly sorry to read this about favorite. Words are never good at these times, just a big hug and a shoulder to fill with pools of tears is what I wish I could offer…

    There are many things I wish I could change about life, and one of the most important is the lenght of time our beloved quad-peds have by our sides. Too damn short if you ask me. Unconditional love and goodness should be rewarded with a 1,000 year life! My lil' pug just turned 13, and she has bad kidneys. Cannot even talk about it…

    hold him close.

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