winter dance

February 17, 2010

punxsutawney phil’s shadow sighting says we’re in for 5 more weeks of winter.

bring it on.


tis the problem with living in la la land; where 64 degrees clads me in scarves, puffers, and hats with poms poms. i crave winter weather. snow days? i wish. the only reason people take days off here is to recover from their face-lifts.

yesterday, a temperature of 80 degrees beckoned all things bikini and beach cruiser.

i don’t have the proper mood to match all this silly sun.

go away brightness!!! you are the mailman at whom i bark.

arf!! arf!! arf!!! grrrrrrrrrrr!

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  • Rainy days = one of the biggest things I will miss about Houston!

  • When I lived in Orange County…I hated the fact that there were no seasons. Christmas lights looked tacky in palm trees,and a bright and sunny Halloween wasn't spooky at all. But living most of my life on the East Coast…I found that I Christmas lights kinda look tacky on anything and Halloween isn't really ever spooky no matter if the sun is shining. I hate the F*cking snow! I don't care it it's just a dusting or a white out…I'm ready for it to GO AWAY…and that little bitch Phil has never once been on my side.

    Enjoy your sun…

  • You are a nut! Enjoy that Chili…you may be waiting awhile…I think the next Superbowl is in like…I don't know…11 months. Football isn't as glitzy as the Olympics…so I really don't pay attention.

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