let them eat cake

March 31, 2010

i can’t believe it’s been five years. five years of flowerbomb sweetening ladies who lunch with its melange of heady freesia, jasmine, and rose; a touch of patchouli added for the recycled bag and hybrid driving type.

to celebrate the fragrance’s continued success (you need only ask my glamorous mother how much she covets her pink, scrumptious spray) the boys of viktor & rolf decided to extravagantly fete themselves at the hotel meurice.

the piece de resistance was the dessert.

chef yannick alleno and pastry chef camille lesecq created a most impressive cake replicating the flowerbomb packaging. further lengths were made in an effort to recreate the beautiful, but somewhat bi-polar scent.

unfortunately i had to work, otherwise i’d have rsvp’d a big “yes” to the boys’ bash. i wasn’t there to taste, but i say keep your freesia in your nosegay, and stick to good old fashioned sugar, flour, and milk for cakes. this from a girl whose favorite cake is from the grocery store, and i only eat the frosting. (cut me a corner please, preferably with a flower)

perhaps tis why my invitations to these extravaganzas keep getting lost in the mail. consensus was the rose and jasmine scented/flavored cake was a success just like the perfume.

happy birthday flowerbomb.


  • I've never smelled this perfume…but I'm always looking for something that smells as pretty as the package…this is a pretty package.

    By the way…yes…CJ in the rain, in the spring, in the moonlight. I like it sounding grainy in my computer speakers anywhere/anytime. CJ=Bliss.


  • This has been one of my favorite staple scents since we first met 3 years ago!!!
    I Love it!!!

  • I keep meaning to try this one – I think now I must! Also – Now and forever more I will volunteer myself as your date to such soirees. You know… girls gotta have a witty sidekick!

  • sweetnothings04

    I love the little cakes!

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