March 2, 2010

next time i try to curtail my coffee compulsion i’ll be less public.

i’m missing my dark, potent companion desperately. sure we have our mornings together, but then it’s goodbye until a new dawn.

tea just isn’t cutting it. i’m not the tea girl. i have giant hamstrings. girls who drink tea don’t have giant hamstrings like me.

we’ll see how long i make it. till then it’s ladylike tuesday. it’s ladylike to drink from a teacup. i’ll try to harness this genteel image today. extra pearls to help.

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  • hardest thing ever…. giving up coffee. hang in there.

  • I have tried to kick my coffee addiction many-a-times. Not worth it and one way or another, i give in- again and again!! Drink it and enjoy. xoxo (as I am sipping my cup made from my new mini bodum press)

  • Don't forget your white glove with those pearls. I feel for you Katie. Even though I slaved away @ Starbucks for years, I do not like coffee in the least, only the aroma. But, at this moment if you told me to give up my Monsters with their mega caffeine, I'd likely take off an arm or a head….

    I'm pulling for you, & the china cup will help. xx

  • Nama-fucking-ste…..brilliant….loved it….laughed.

    Tea is awesome! Drink it with milk and sugar and it's creamy rich like coffee. I'm not a coffee girl (unless it's ice cream) so I can't really feel your pain…but when I tried to give up Diet Coke…I nearly broke off my husbands balls with my bare hands….wanted to decapitate a few fellow co-workers…and day dreamed about throwing daggers at children. It's not worth it. I like my husbands balls pretty good.


  • Your pearl bracelets and kitten heels were perfect for ladylike Tuesday today.

    Love you.

  • i could never do it. ive been drinking coffee since i was 5 years old( and am 5'10, so i dont belive the stunting your growth thing!)

  • lol~ just one reason, i adore you! : )

  • you are one of my most favorites. ever.

    brandi and i can teach you how to enjoy tea. for reals. hamstrings or no. tea is dee-lish.

    also, you are one of my most favorites. ever.

    love love love,

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