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happy weekend

April 30, 2010

i think i’ve found my 2 buddies for the weekend.

a sturdy, seen it all, been there before bench to shoulder my frantic body and brain.

a tree. an elder on property. she drapes her gauzy branches low and thick, concealing me from camp share.

for now we just sit.

{they weren’t keen on my idea of t.v. tag}


bags are packed

April 29, 2010

off i go.

fingers, toes, eyes crossed their coffee’s strong.


i’m not responsible for playing nicely with the other yogis.

keep your cell phones on dears,

lest i need a break out.

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spring rain

April 28, 2010

more rain? didn’t we already have this conversation?

silly busy bee i am. i can’t afford wet wings.

tomorrow i crisscross the country for dorm living and cafeteria food service.

{pausing for self-cognizance}

i’m doing what?!

have i forgotten those first freshman months in rieber hall?

i jack rabbited myself into an apartment so quickly my stuff was gone by the time my roommate came back from taking her shower.

i have always been

a loner.

courage rabbit.


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