bags are packed

April 29, 2010

off i go.

fingers, toes, eyes crossed their coffee’s strong.


i’m not responsible for playing nicely with the other yogis.

keep your cell phones on dears,

lest i need a break out.

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  • Have fun pretty girl – I would totally sneak cupckaes into your dorm if I weren't going to Houston this weekend! You must share the details of your weekend come Monday. I am interested in getting back into yoga but have no idea where to start! I need the inspiration!

  • sweetnothings04

    Have fun doll! I'm on a vacay as well!!

  • "Each 15 hour day…" WHAT???? You are amazing.

  • Play nicely young lady but enjoy dorm life like the good ole' days. Looking forward to hearing all about your 'adventures'. Safe travels xxdeb

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