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happy weekend

May 28, 2010

what are your plans for this weekend of remembrance?

hh and i have our swanky-pants wedding where we’ll attempt grown up games.

then i’m hoping for the rest of the weekend to resemble this vignette. (i’d even pay extra for the hair).

this is a little shoot shirley manson and elijah wood did for oliver peoples sunglasses. it looks like the perfect weekend.

clicking my champagne glass to you friend!!

wedding weekend

May 27, 2010

hh and i have a fancy schmancy wedding weekend.

i’ve never met these people. nonetheless, i will still bawl like a hungry baby once i hear that first note of pachelbel. it lumps me every. single. time.

funny though, i didn’t have canon d at our nuptials.

ah! squeak! twirl! swoon!!! i walked to this.

what      to     wear          ?

i’m on a spending freeze.

but hopefully closet has something which swishes and swirls and plays well with sparkly.

hope you have a shimmering, shining thursday loves!

image: can’t remember where i found it, but would definitely get me out my spending freeze…..

in other news….

May 26, 2010

yikes, a little late posting today, but i’ve got a good excuse!!

yippee skippy!!!

i can hardly enclose the elation!!

my sweet friend, alexei, got me lots of public squawk today.

{the good kind…not the ugly, blind item nasty stuff}

holy smokes, i’m silly flattered and gleefully giddy.

yet, i also feel like wrapping myself in three bathrobes, hiding back my closet, lights turned off, in a deep, breathable suitcase.


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