a birthday party

May 5, 2010

it’s my birthday today!

i’m having a party. you’re invited.

please wear your fanciest frock

and shoes for shimmying to the left and to the right…..

we’ll finish with smiles and sugar!

a party favor of sprinkles to keep you safe until next year.

we’ll twirl our way back home; whirling into dreamland, weary from the whimsy.

happy dance!


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND! I hope you enjoy your day!


  • auntie char

    Happy Day my precious niece! I wish you the best year ever. Today I hope you have the perfect pink cupcake with sprinkles. Can't wait to see you to celebrate in person. I love you so much!


  • sweetnothings04

    Ill be there in my prettiest party dress! Happy bday kitten!

  • Happy, Happy, Happiest of Birthdays to you! I can totally see you 'shimmying' all day long (and then some)!

  • I hope your still partying into today cuz I was a bad blogger & came late to your soiree. Happiest of birthday's to you & to the year that lies ahead. Your post was gorgeous and for a moment really thought that I was going to have on a fancy dress & celebrate in style. Instead, out pops reality. Hope it was truly great Katie and hugs to you xx

  • oh, happiest of birthdays to you, my sweet katie! i'm sorry i'm a day late in my wish to you, but that just means my wish had extra time to grow and hold that much more love and happiness!

    big birthday smooches, you special lady!


  • Ahhhhh… what gorgeous pictures. I can see myself twirling around in one of those dresses


  • Happy Birthday! Love you!!!

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