May 6, 2010

here’s another scene from my weekend away. i had coffee with this monk(?), and his charge every morning.

i recalled my favorite quote; from the wisest of men…..

“i care not for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.” abraham lincoln

  • Nice photography! You are really good with that camera lady! By the way, I think that may be St. Francis of Asissi…he's the patron saint of animals or something like that…he's always shown with animals anyway.


  • William Lobdell

    happy b-day, katie!

  • Julie Bremer

    The good Catholic school girl in me wants to say that is a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. But, if you want to call it a monk, I'm sure he won't mind.

  • that is, in fact, the darling and wonderful st. francis of assisi, who, in fact, was a deacon and founder of the franciscan order. (i like to think that they're like the "hippies" of the catholic church. well, those and the benedictines! good peeps!)

    and yes, he's the patron saint of nature and animals. i adore him. i also wrote about him last year. he's totally my homeboy.

    i'm sure he adores you, too, miss katie, and is delighted that you spent time with him.


  • sweetnothings04

    That is st francis, patron st of animals. Vow of poverty. Amazing basicall in asisi. Spent 8 hours there studying christian art when I studied abroad..his life is fascinating!

  • thank you friends!! st. francis it is. oh my mother is doing double mass today for me today. father jerome, my priest who presided over my first communion and first confession {and who now lives in laguna beach with his lover} is shaking his hid in shame at my faux pas. a fallen catholic girl am i.
    but i did enjoy my time with francis and the bunnies.

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