night reading

May 3, 2010

my hopskotch across the northeast entailed a 7 hour stay in an albany marriott.

with my kindle out of battery, and informercials as my only television option, i was desperate for other reading material:


the bible, the book of mormon, and the spirit to serve (the story of marriott).

that bill marriott has quite the high opinion of himself

{depending on one’s own attitude toward jesus christ and joseph smith}.

did the job though.

fell right to sleep.

  • sweetnothings04

    Lol. The marriots are mormon, in case that means anything. But his heirs have managed not to be trainwrecks like the hilton girls

  • Did you know "they" say the safest place to hide credit cards/id's/traveler's checks, etc. in your hotel room is in the pages of the bedside bible? Though now I feel an even safer place would be that Mariott book. No theif is bound to touch that crap. LOL.

  • Geez…I think I would've rather read the phone book…or found a public bathroom and read the dirty messages on the wall…crazy stuff. Glad you made it through.

  • Did you have nightmares??? SOOOOOOO happy you are home!


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