rockin rica

May 14, 2010

hallelujah for wifi!

it’s 2:46am in atlanta, and we have a 4 hour lay over. this is what happens when i ask to stay out of travel planning.

thought i’d share with m’loves the inspiration whence packing for my poolside party fun:

an overall attempt to channel my inner glamour-puss/surf girl with 13 ft long legs.

there’s just something about a platform, a stiletto, and a rash guard that just screams razzle-dazzle!

now if i only fucking surfed……


  • If the girl in those photos surfs…she must be getting shit loads of water and sand in her mouth! I am jealous of her legs for sure…but am wondering how the hell she stays up on those heels? Maybe the open mouth acts as a sail and she lets the wind take her where it may.


  • um i LOVE these pictures

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