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an ending. please.

July 30, 2010

this week ends the deadliest month in the afghanistan war.

nothing really more to say. crying feels better.

i have the flu so my maudlin mood magnifies with whims of vapors and fits of fury.

being sick sends me into my weepiest, most melodramatic, has-been actress theatrics.

antony and the johnsons play in every speaker of the house. all tv’s muted on msnbc {2:15 it gets good}.

wishing you peace this weekend my friends.

for our soldiers:

YouTube Preview Image


July 29, 2010

these two are reminding me a little too effing much of these two…..

forget ya troubles c’mon get happy!

July 28, 2010

balls to bleakness.

i see you mr. sunshine; winky winky-ing at me behind that cloudy grey.

giggling is my score.

sloppy, summer smiles are my accessories.

grid of memories from the past and fears of the future; enslaving me to stupor:

i thee depart.

euphoric chaos of the present, i shall wear you like a resplendent ballgown.

let’s dance.


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