happy weekend

July 2, 2010

first and foremost. it seems i was a bit vague in yesterday’s cheetah post.

my tongue is still in my cheek dears. no, i did not really want that cat for my wedding.

maybe him. but not cheetah.

moving on……

sometimes this is my idea of dreamy.

but then i get a glimpse of those grey-green, blue, in just the right light, eyes of my hh, and my fantasy world resembles a scene more comme ça.

a little coffee, conversation, and confidence (pronounced “con- FY-dence”-let’s not lose our minds).

soon my inhalations take on a greater depth, and that awful tangerine noise machine i have inside my body, soothes into a misty mint green.

the clouds and i waltz anew.

happy weekend.


  • How do you do it Katie. The last photo and your words were perfectly in sync. Loved it. Happy 4th weekend to you my dear. Be safe & be well xx

  • May i borrow that trunk? Beautiful blog! Just perfect.


  • Hello my friend, loving this poetry & photo reverie! I have been huffing & puffing and sweating with back aching–but not from chic workout classes–more like moving my entire studio. Sorry I haven't dropped by your blog recently, but the handyman and I have become joined at the hip and things I love like blog reading have gone out the window this week. Hoping you have a great 4th of july weekend!
    xoxo Mary Jo

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