i’m sure there was some sort of mistake.

i’m so not worthy of such an award,

but, in what i suspect was copious amount of black tar heroin consumption,

the divine deborah of dumbwit tellher bestowed the very generous kreativ blogger badge upon moi.

to say i have procrastinated is putting it mildly: she gifted me march 1st.

tis how i roll. i’m still sending out wedding invitations, and we’re coming up on our 2nd year anniversary.

i tend to fall behind.

part of my hesitance has been the job of summoning up 7 personal items of substance and circumstance to impart upon, you, my loveliest of readers.

i can easily give you 7 things that are annoying and compulsive. but the former……i gots nuttin.

rather than try to dazzle i will go for the informative route. these may not be sparkly, antic facts, but all are true and differentiate me from the all the other mouthy, half-japanese/half caucasian, childless, compulsive eating, newport beach housewives around here.

1. i am terrified i will be the worst mother ever. we’re talking joan crawford style wretched. i’m in love with a baby i haven’t even conceived. but i’m deathly afraid said child will be asking hh for someone more adept and competent with her first words.

2. i love gummi bears. but only the haribo brand. and only the orange and yellow bears. i won’t touch red, white and green. they taste like someone else’s regurgitated jello shots: a senior graduation trip to puerta vallarta i’m still trying to forget.

3. i like to have things planned way ahead of time. and i make lists like ina garten makes cobblers.

i’m a moronic-scheduling-maniac, who writes everything done in my filofax (yes, i still live in the 1990’s), re-syncs it in my blackberry, and triple confirms it to my desk calendar. i even schedule my spontaneity.

4. i take multiple baths everyday.

5. crickets. i hate crickets. i also hate silence which, in effect, is pseudo-crickets.

6. my left pinky toe lies horizontal. i was born with it this way. we call it bitch toe.

7. i am always cold. i wear a fluffy, cozy wrappy all the time to keep warm. even in 100 degree costa rica sunshine i had goosebumps. it’s no longer adorable to my hh, but to still to get his attention i dramatically cry out, “baby, i am  frijoles!!”.

yes, i know this translates to ” i am beans.” BUT i like the way it almost sounds like “i am freezing”, and it makes him smile.

so there you go. my seven things. it only took me 4 months to figure them out, put them to paper, and post.

i’m apparently supposed to tag the kreativ blogger onto 7 other blogs to keep the party going.

argh!! i hate that i have to narrow it down to 7….

duel living, jeune marie, sweet nothings, reverie, trust your style, with love from pittsburgh, and audrey onassis.

feel free to accept the tag if you like or pass it on to your discretion.

thank you again deb. you set the standard, oh goddess of katy, texas.