July 29, 2010

these two are reminding me a little too effing much of these two…..


  • I'm literally laughing out loud…. and shivering a bit at the same time.


  • They are just too hilarious (two hilarious)…Love this! p.s. You will have to tell me what sweetsweat (sp?) is. I saw you twitter about it, tell me it's something that makes you lose 10 lbs without exercising.

    xo Mary Jo

  • at least the pups are not holding hands. Now that would freak me out! x

  • Definitely not AS creepy. Ah ha ha. Thank you so much for entering our blog's giveaway for The Sart and Domino books over at The Lil Bee!

  • not as creepy! bite your tounge!!!!

    i just want to snuggle them both!

  • auntie char

    As long as you keep the blue organza with the pink bows off Priscilla & Truman…it should be okay.

    Now if Truman starts barking
    "RED RUM"….and Rob is typing (for the 1000th time) "ALL work & no play makes Rob a dull boy"…you might want to call someone.

  • Very cool! LOL…Check this out:

  • […] in morning yoga, a woo-hoo from one of my spin students, feeding the hungry, twirling, howling beasts, texts from my dad, dinner with my ‘family’, a kiss goodnite from my […]

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